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Mouse grip styles which is best for you

Find the best game mouse in size on our interactive mouse size table and learn how to measure the size of your hand to help choose.

When it comes to the game mouse, there is no size to find a factor in the range of mouse grip, as the type of game you play and the best game mouse you need to consider the size of your hand. We must help you find the best mouse for your size of hand, a graph of this wonderful mouse size (a job during progress). Before jumping correctly, we must first set the size of its size, follow the steps below.

Two important media are length and width. Simply use a tape measure and be faster from your middle finger to the bottom of your hand (wrist). Then, press your thumbs your thumbs with your thumbs up to the widest part of your index finger.

Comparison, the size of my hand is 19.5 cm in length, 10 cm wide means medium to medium, and the mouse grip style is a nail grip. My favorite game mouse at this time is as follows:


We have traced graphics to find a graphic showing 63 game mice. You can play with a graph and dig deeply on each mouse size.

If you want to see the data table, click on the table below. Load the above data, including those with previous data sensors and mice and weight gaming mice.

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