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For the past few weeks, I have been using the Mountain Makalu 67 gaming mouse. After the Everest keyboard was released, you may be familiar with the brand, but today we are looking into this ergonomic right-handed gaming mouse. A big issue before and after the launch of Makalu 67 is that it includes the new PAW 3370 sensor, which is one of the few mice on the market that offers lighter options for gamers with bigger hands. In addition to the optical sensor on top of the

, the mouse also has a comfortable ergonomic shape, a bit similar to mice like the Zowie EC1 and Razer Deathadder, but a bit wider to fill your palm. This mouse is definitely designed for palm, claw, and mixed grip gamers, because the hump is too prominent for consistent fingertip styling. The design and specifications of the

are great, so let's take a closer look at what Makalu 67 can do.

It is usually a waste of time to talk about packaging, but I must say that for such an affordable mouse, box, overall packaging, and some extras, it is a high-quality contact. The flip-top box uses magnets to expose the mouse wrapped in foam. A small note from the founder is attached to the back of the lid, and a quick start guide is hidden behind it.

In it, we get:

You will immediately notice that Mountain has left something different from a normal cellular optical mouse, and the drilled holes are more like rounded rectangles. Makalu 67 looks great, the crisp white shell contrasts sharply with the black side buttons and mouse wheel.

There is an RGB cue in the form of a circle around the DPI switch and the middle mouse button. The lighting is diffuse and can be changed in the software, but it would be nice to see some diffuse light to illuminate the inside of the enclosure, because this is something I like to perforate mice very much.

As mentioned above, the large size of the mouse is immediately noticeable, and you can clearly see that it is not designed for smaller hands. I mainly use the palm of my hand, and occasionally use a hybrid claw grip, which matches perfectly with this mouse. I've been testing a lightweight mouse for some time, not long ago I even switched from a 100g heavy mouse to 50g so the weight (57g) didn't cause any problems. However, on the contrary, the mouse I have been using is very small, so I need some time to get used to this shape. The

Makalu 67 is 126mm long front to back, 62mm wide at the front, and slightly flared at the back with a width of 70mm. Due to these dents, the width of the grip is 58mm, and at the top of the hump, the size of the mouse is 43mm. The mouse leans towards the main button and the height is only 15mm. The sheer size of the

reminds me more of the Zowie EC1 or Razer Deathadder, but it's definitely a bit bulky on the back. To be honest, it feels a bit uncomfortable, but not enough to prevent me from wearing it.

reminds me of Zowie EC or Razer DeathAdder not only the size of Makalu 67, but also its shape. The ergonomic shape makes the mouse feel like it's naturally in my right hand, which is something I like. In addition to the initial problems of adapting again to larger mice, the shape remains comfortable during use. The mouse tilts very aggressively at the back and the front slopes gentler towards the main buttons. There is no notch on the trigger, which is no big deal, but in terms of comfort, this is definitely my favorite.

I have very few questions about this mouse, but if there is anything I want to add, it is the grip. The texture is smooth matte ABS plastic, which Mountain calls a "rib" design, with almost no perforations visible during gaming. There are slight grooves on the side for gripping, which works well, but if your palms or hands are sweaty, it may be difficult for you to wear it for a long time because the fingertips are not enough to grip. This is weird, because even if I didn't lose control during testing, I sometimes felt that I never had complete control. The button on the

Makalu 67 is one of its advantages, and the front and rear travel of the main trigger is minimal. The main buttons are very responsive and can be my favorite look of the mouse, making ordinary FPS games feel very lively. Below the main button is the Omron switch, which has been clicked 50 million times. There is nothing crazy about talking about these switches, because I think most of you have had a mouse with these switches before, but if not, they will remain reliable for a long time and the noise is somewhat satisfactory. There are a total of six buttons on the

Makalu 67. In addition to the main two, there are two side buttons on the left. Although these may not be the best, they are perfect for my grip. The side buttons are slightly tilted, and I find them very easy to operate during gaming, because I can rotate my thumb to press them. The side buttons are a bit shaky, but this will not affect the performance during playback. The

DPI switch is large and dark, but because it is located in the concave part, you will never accidentally press it. There are LEDs to indicate which profile you are in, but unless you are familiar with the mouse, you need to enter the software to view

400 dpi mouse. Of course, when using software, you can change the DPI level to save them, but in most cases there is a problem with the default settings. The central mouse button

feels a lower profile than most mice and looks much thinner than most than most mouse, but this is because the mouse is quite large. The wheel works well and moves the micro air exactly with a tactile survey indicating a slight displacement. Compared to other mice, I began easier to click on the center of the mouse without accidentally scrolling during the process. This is with other mice and not using the central button connected to me, but it has confidence in itself with Makalu 67 to use this.

Is it the best mouse wheel in history? No, especially the solid for the game.

The mouse cable standard has passed through the roof last year, but almost all manufacturers are a light and flexible cable. This paracord style cable works well out of the mouse bungee, but I always recommend you use a bungee with a mouse with cable. The cable housing is a flexible rubber, thanks at a short angle and up of about 5%, the mouse really feels wireless.

The length of the cable hand is 1.82 m, and there is another solid mouse feature, but dust is very easy to attract dust. The dust of mouse cable really does not care about me, but its function makes everything worthwhile. The sensor of

Makalu 67 is the first mouse of the game characterized by Pixart's last foot 3370, so it turned it into a little reader at the time of the launch. But on paper, 3370 is better with a lower error rate and higher DPI, but it is more efficient.

It is necessary to mention it, with 19,000 dpi, and all are angry enough to use mice with this resolution, and LOD has a 1 to 2 mm 1 to 2 mm.

We are currently living in the world where it is very difficult to find game mice with poor sensors. The sensor installed in Makalu 67 is precise along my test, and as armor, I tend to find some of the mouse problems. It is not this, but even if I slip through the desk, I have never noticed a slope or deviation, it is great.

The overall performance is improved with two great feet of 100% PTFE below it. There are two skates / feet, which covers the width of the mouse. When I found a game mouse, finally I tend to continue for many years to finally buy new things when my feet disappear. Well, the mountain contains spare parts, which is something I want to see from the maker of mouse. The skates are completely smooth from Getgo. All mice can not boast, which slides gently on my desk, making games and general pleasure.

The light play mouse of this size is rare, so the mountain certainly raises the feet to the competition in that regard. Although there is almost no comparison, you will be familiar with the size and shape of EC1 or Razer Deanthadder elephant, and you can get used to Makak 67 67. The cables and switches are well better than Razer Deathadder V2, but has a clearer and better Sensors The accuracy of the sensor

, the flexible light cable and the liability switches can be easy to use.

Allinall Here is another wonderful optical mouse here to add to the list, and this is an absolute bargain due to the price.

The sensor accuracy, the flexible light cable and the response switch create a joy to use this and the holes may not be for everyone, but this is a wonderful mouse. Although there is almost no comparison, you will be familiar with the EC1 or RAZER Deanthadder elephant size and shape, and you can get used to Makak 67 67.

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