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"Horse and Blade II: Overlord" developed by Turkish developer TaleWorlds Entertainment is the prequel to the popular horse and sword action RPG that defined the series in early 2010. In the oldest known development game in the industry, This fantasy RPG has high expectations placed on it.

The Early Access version of "Mount and Blade II: Overlord" was announced on March 31, 2020 via Valve's Steam platform on PC. The game has been in development since at least 2012, so at the early access stage, you should have a relatively complete understanding of our expectations for the final product.

Due to the long development cycle of "Horse and Blade II: Overlord", TaleWorlds Entertainment has released a steady stream of game trailers and screens.

first appeared in 2012 as a trailer for the game. Since there is no game screen, there are only a series of emotional appeals in the form of text, and the trailer does not provide much content about the game.

TaleWorlds later appeared at Gamescom 2016, and is packed with no fewer than three trailers that focus on the siege mechanics of "Mount and Blade II: Overlord." One is your mill trailer, while the other two are a siege from an attack power perspective, and then the castle is defended.

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord was on display again at Gamescom 2017, with three new previews that delve into the mechanics of the Sergeant game.

Fast forward to Gamescom 2018, and TaleWorlds reloaded the visual enjoyment in the form of a campaign trailer. Although previous trailers may have been criticized for lack of polish, this trailer gives us a glimpse of this seemingly about to be completed game, which contains a rich and vibrant open world for exploration, in-depth strategic battles, Character customization, a large number of weapons and equipment. , Medieval fountains, one-on-one tournaments and horse-riding battles. The final trailer for

so far was released in August 2019, and an early access version of "Mountain & Blade II: Overlord" was announced in March 2020. Again, the fit has been significantly improved.

Like the predecessor of the series, "Horse and Blade II: Overlord" is a medieval fighting simulator game that contains a lot of RPG elements. It happened 200 years before the original event in the world of Calradia. Calradia is plagued by war and players must plan their rise. Game

is all about siege, as shown in the various trailers mentioned above. Players must either besiege the castle or use appropriate techniques (such as siege hammers and catapults) to defend them, because they are struggling to stay in the final state.

Other aspects include diplomacy, in this case players must carefully monitor the politics of this land and be aware that each action will have consequences that may affect their progress. Players can barter, make deals, sign deals, influence factions, and use marriage or betrayal as a lever to conquer the land.

Calradia is a vibrant world with its own economy, and the relationship between supply and demand for goods fluctuates in terms of supply and price. Take advantage of this to win allies or hurt enemies.

Combat includes a new physics-based system in which the behavior and response of carefully crafted weapons will vary depending on the materials, attributes and attributes used. This includes close combat and long-range combat. Heavier weapons can deal more damage, but can be difficult to control, while on the contrary, lighter weapons can provide faster attacks, but do not deal as much damage. Larger battles will require tactical acumen and large-scale troop control on different terrains.

is very similar to the original version, "Horse and Blade II: Overlord" contains a mature online multiplayer game component. We have a captain mode, where five players can fight each other to control the land. The skirmish saw two teams of six players go head-to-head.

In keeping with the legacy of the original horseback riding and hacking, Bannerlord saw the return of mod support. The new engine and tools used to make the game will be available to all players to create mods.

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord has been in production, but waits to end in March. Whether the game can meet expectations and guarantee a development cycle of more than seven years remains to be seen.

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