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Monster truck championship gameplay trailer revealed

Netflix adaptation of the witch, CD Projekt Red's The Widther 3: Wild Hunt is to break the record in Steam.

Yesterday, amazing 102,172 peaks and torrent players who jumped into the game to take a walk on the continent, Romance Rivia Missters Monsters Romantle and Locals. The number

protected the stains as six games more played on the front of the digital valve store. This game has exceeded the main route from the Steam exile, the FPS FPS destination of Banini 2. It is impressive from the game to celebrate the fifth anniversary, even if it arrives.

But more interesting, people who play witch 3 are now the wild hunt that when the game rises in May 2015. At that time, Steam recorded the peaks of more than 92,000 simultaneous players. More than 10,000 people have seen at least 10,000 people who played the game yesterday.

We have to find out the reasons behind the Import of Vitcher's interest 3. Despite the constant warning of the player before the program is issued, the Netflix witch is nothing to succeed.

CD Projekt Red Non-Trilogy, no trilogy, represents the inspiration of Vitcher books by Polish Orly Andrzej Sapkowski, but has more than two similarities than two similarities. Henry Cavir, who shows Geralt with Netflix Show, even to play a bucket load from Miki 3 as an investigation for the character of him. Appointments

Netflix In a few weeks, the viewer remains in the Witcher world and can remain in the second season and sink his teeth, but the best alternative is the witch 3: wild hunting, hence the number of the registered ruling player.

Another help factor is that the game has been a significant discount on the holiday season, but if it is available for peanuts compared to the full list price. With a guaranteed game time for more than 100 hours, there is nothing wrong with the Bruges fan.

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