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Monster hunter world system requirements

Monster Hunter: World-In multiplayer PvE games, this is a pretty big name. Packed with top monsters, armors and weapons (anyone with a bagpipe?), this is a very top game in quiet times.

But this is not enough for some people.

No, some players want to have more advanced weapons in their games, aiming to surpass the top level. There is only one real way to do this: modify the game to include the weapons of World of Warcraft.

World of Warcraft and Monster Hunter: The world is full of absurd weapons. The above nonsense is completely hilarious, packed with complex Warcraft lore, and fully understood. Die-hard Warcraft players will know how long it can take to obtain a particular set of weapons from a raid, and even drop them randomly. That's why the Transfiguration invention is so popular in the World of Warcraft community, because it means that once you find a piece of gear, any gear you receive afterward can change its appearance to look like any other gear of yours.

However, Warcraft players are not satisfied with this. Now, they want to take their hard-earned loot in World of Warcraft to other games; With the help of modifications, you can. User FragStriker has created two brand new modules that allow you to bring two of World of Warcraft’s most famous weapons to Monster Hunter World: World....

The first weapon to enter the game is the Warhammer of Fire Lord Ragnaros; Sulfide. It replaces the Magefire Magda Floga in Monster Hunter: World, and it works similarly to the way the weapon works-you can download the mod from Nexusmods here for integration into your game.

Then the legendary double-blade of the alliance joined the game. The replicas of Elmaine and Sarato were used by the alliance king Varian Wrynn, but they don't need to tell you. These swords replace the Master Sabers / Holy Knight Guild models in MonsterHunter: World and they look great-download them from Nexusmod here.

So, are you planning to inject a bit of World of Warcraft craziness into your Monster Hunter World adventure? Please let us know in the comments below!

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