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Monster hunter games in order

Since the release of 2018, Monster Hunter World has been furnished quickly. Like me, if you can miss him for the first time, a new Monster Hunter World Launch: IceBourne is an opportunity to jump directly.

will bring all the new features of the new feature, players and ancient, and you can enjoy everything you have to provide it. From new monsters to new teams and stories are developed, this game is to get serious people. So let's see everything he knows about the world of the new monsters hunters: the release of icebone.

Capcom plans to stagnate at last game. September 6, 2019, on January 6, 2019 on the PC was launched for the first time in PS4 and Xbox. This means that the same type of pattern followed by the first version of the game and the PC player must be deleted. for a moment. But for those with consoles, you expect you to first have your hand and start exploring the new world of offers.

Preorder Monster Hunter World Icebone PS4

Preorder Monster Hunter World Icebone Xbox

If you play the game, you can also access a wonderful additional content, including an exclusive injection content. Because it's

, what's new with this last extension? Let's look at it for more details.

First, it is in all new monsters in the world of the ice icon. In addition to returning your favorites, the older people of Ragun, flight Trex and a monster are also described as "current brick wall". We hear that we are in a lot of fun.

We also present the new world for us and introduced the scope of accommodation in the form of frost with Seliana. These new locals have established the scenario for the next chapter of history, since the game continues at the end of the Monster Hunter world. It means that if you play the first game, you are a little to catch up first.

This is important. These new monsters have a bit of severe fire power. Or as I had an ice power. In the game that presents a new master range, you can bet that there are many sweet surprises there.

Master Cank is basically a new layer of difficulty to aggregate. You are facing difficult challenges and stronger monsters, but you have hands for a good booty and equipment for it.

There is also a new ton of weapons to balance, it says honestly and we want what we want. The 14 weapons of the 14 people are out of new movement, everything to defeat these new monsters is better! We also get a new Slinger called clutch claw, allowing him to hook the monster and release special attacks.

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