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Monday mods morrowind rebirth 5 2 update

For the Mods entry this week on Monday, our weekly column lists some of the best mods for PC gaming. We are looking at a full-length mod. The final version of the mod has just been released, and the creator continues His next project.

The Witcher 3 HD Reworked Project is a large-scale project that adds all new models and textures and other update assets to The Witcher 3 from CD Projekt Red. This allows PC gamers to enjoy an improved graphical experience, a redesigned environment, a structure and a character model. The original game is already a look, with many carefully crafted huge worlds, but this new model helps improve the quality of some aspects that may require more attention, especially when viewed on modern high-resolution monitors.

After years of development and millions of downloads, the final version is now available. You can get it in Nexus Mods.

is different from some graphic review modules. Its design purpose is to present the artistic style of the original game as realistically as possible, without changing the tone or feeling of the original game, but just enhancing the existing things. The latest version of

may be particularly interesting. The creator of the module, HalkHoganPL, once said that this is the final update of the module, but "the next-generation Witcher 3 HD rework project is coming in 2021." .It is not uncommon for developers to hire people who work on modules to carry out projects internally, and we have heard about the major updates that will be released for The Witcher 3 in 2021, including new graphics features and game visual effects Overhaul. . Maybe this mod will be repackaged in the Great Wizard update next year, or if we have to speculate, maybe this indicates that HalkHoganPL has been hired by CD Projekt Red as the next update job of The Witcher 3? It seems that he already works in Poland.

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