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One of the most popular mods in the world of The Elder Scrolls has recently received a major update. The Morrowind Rebirth mod has been updated to version 5.2, followed by a comprehensive overhaul and many exciting changes. Trancemaster_1988, the creator of the

Mod, said: "v 5.2 brings a lot of changes, mainly to improve the various areas of the mod. This includes fixing a lot of bugs, fixing balance issues, and many cool additions."

This is from November The fourth update since the release of Rebirth 5.0. This makes Rebirth possibly the best-supported Elder Scrolls mod. The latest version of

Morrowind Rebirth manages to significantly change the visual effects and gameplay of the game for a new and improved experience. The

Gnisis and Seyda Neen areas have received the most attention here. Gnisis has undergone a visual overhaul, and while the content of the mining town doesn't change much, it looks much better. Seyda Neen has undergone major repairs and looks more like a port and a fishing village. The Coast Guard Headquarters and Imperial Army Barracks have been added to the city, so it will be fun to explore again at your next Morrowind gathering.

Most importantly, you will also see the following new content added to the mod:

Magic Armor:

New Artifact / Unique:

New Composition:

In addition to all these changes, the mod has also updated many visual effects, textures and grid networks , a large number of bugs have been fixed and changes have been made to the exclusive renaissance content. Some

bug fixes include:

For a very long and comprehensive list of bug fixes, go to the Mod DB page, where you will also see all the changes and tweaks.

Overall, this is expected to greatly enhance the viewing experience, which is the perfect excuse for Elder Scrolls fans to return to the world. While this may be great for new players, returning Morrowind fans will appreciate these changes more.

Have you played this new mod update? If so, we would love to hear your performance in the comments below.

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