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Monday mods doom in mario 64

Fallout: New Vegas may be the most controversial version of the entire Fallout series when it is released. On the one hand, it has enthusiastic fans who point to its subtle characters, creative settings, and open writing as elements that elevate it to other recent games in the series, while critics will mention issues such as performance issues and wide range of wrong choices. And lower elements. The general level of polishing is some of its main weaknesses. "Fallout" 76 may have been able to win the crown of the most controversial "Fallout" game, perhaps the many problems of "Fallout" 76 make the idea of revisiting the early games of the series more attractive to some players.

For me, avid fans and opponents have their own opinions on Fallout Vegas. I think it represents the well-made game and the failure of its performance as an interactive entertainment software, but it also has some absolutely wonderful moments and characters, and it feels like a more open version of the development formula. In Fallout 3.

I think New Vegas is definitely a game worth checking out, and this newly released mod gives you even more reasons to check it out. Most of the voice acting for

New Vegas is very solid, but like many Fallout / Elder Scrolls games, they ended up using many of the same voice actors repeatedly for multiple different roles. This is especially immersive when you come across random, insignificant NPCs who speak in the same voice as the characters that are essential to the plot.

Similarly, they ended up reusing many of the same character models for many different characters, where you will see the same general faces and appearances for many different characters.

It's hard to blame someone here. Of course, the actors and modelers themselves didn't make these decisions, and in terms of studio management, they just did their best within budget. In fact, many technical issues were resolved in the post-launch patch, but the repeating characters and voices were never officially resolved.

These are not destructive problems, or at least they are not suitable for me, but over the years there has been a project that tries to fix these shortcomings.

Enter Brave New World, a mod that aims to resolve repeating voices and characters, cooperates with professional voice actors to re-record multiple lines of dialogue and create a new character model to replace the repetitive appearance throughout the game.

After four years of hard work, Brave New World is ready for prime time and can be downloaded from its Nexus Mods page. The creator of

described the module like this:

"Many NPCs in New Vegas are memorable and have outstanding acting, Legate Lanius, Caesar, Raul Tejada, Craig Boone, Cass and other characters. However, due to time constraints, a large number of roles are voiced by the same person or a limited group of actors. For example, Yuri Lowenthal for Ringo, Oliver Swanick, Henry Jamison, Nolan McNamara, Lucius, Lars Taggart, Fitz, Keller, Scribe Ibsen, Nete Lorenzo, Ike, Anthony, Otto, Alexus, and Sergio are nicknamed. World hopes to improve this by adding a better cast and diversity of actors.

Throughout the development of the project, we went through 30,000 auditions and carefully selected the actors and actresses who are best suited for the manners, personalities, and appearance of nearly 145 NPCs.

Our team did everything possible to ensure that the project met the quality standards expected for

dubbing / dubbing in the gaming industry.

We hope you enjoy our beautiful new world. "

Download link and installation instructions are listed here. Although it is worth noting that due to the numerous changes under the hood of Brave New World, once Brave New World is installed, your previous saves will not be compatible, so you must start over from the new save.

It is not common to see such a project. Whether it is used as a game module or a commercial version, shortcuts taken in the development process can be withdrawn after a few years. The effort put into a project of this size is impressive, it's a wonderful way to bring a beloved game to life, and it made some major promises during its creation.

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