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Monday mods doom 64 weapon pack

Two game giants, a pair of games that paved the way for the first batch of 3D games, each with a completely different approach: id Software’s Doom and Nintendo’s Mario 64. But what if they have children together? This is the question that a brave mod maker is trying to answer, using this Doom mod for Mario 64.

We have seen various modules suitable for the Mario 64 PC port, including those that improve performance and visual effects, but this is a pretty good difference. Here, we see the combination of groundbreaking first-person shooter games and groundbreaking 3D platform games, and I never knew the mix I wanted before I realized it. Module

revolves around the idea of recreating the look and feel of the original Doom in Mario 64. Doom levels, environments, and items have been rebuilt to be playable in Mario 64, and Mario himself has gotten a whole new kit. to match Doomguy's wardrobe.

It is strange to see Goombas and Bobombs wandering around E1M1. We are more used to seeing Mario collecting coins and mushrooms instead of spinning the skull icon, but at least the working principle of this mod has a pretty consistent logic.

This mod is still in development. The latest addition is a somewhat sloppy HUD implementation to match what we saw in the original Doom. Mario's full face is on the central screen of the bar at the bottom of the bar, with facial expressions. To represent your current health. Some people even expressed their shame when Doom creator John Carmack joined the virtual reality company Oculus, where the first-person view icon in Mario 64 was changed from the floating camera operator Lakitu, and there was a photo of Carmack's face next to the virtual reality headset.

We can't help but wonder what other games can do with such an unofficial crossover. What if we could combine Fortnite and GTA? Or combine the world of Final Fantasy and Metal Gear Solid? Tell us your mashup game ideas in the comments below.

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