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Monday mods battle for middle earth reforged

Microsoft Flight Simulator hasn't been around for a long time, but it has proven its popularity, and building a strong player base early on is a great way to build a strong and passionate community around the game. With games like flight sims designed with strong mod support, it's not surprising to see that the community is engaged in creative additions to the game, reflecting certain aspects of their personality.

Here, we see a person combining their love for virtual pilots with their love for heavy metal pioneer Iron Maiden in the 1970s. Here, we see them working hard to transform the Boeing 747 to celebrate the Iron Maiden Soul Book World Tour 2016, directly imitating the very real Boeing 747 that the band used to travel between Mexico City and other destinations, San José, Rio de Janeiro, Toronto, Tokyo, Sydney, Berlin, Paris, Manchester, etc.

I think they did a good job capturing their similarities:

players can install this mod simply and easily, and you can even listen to some Iron Maiden in the middle to get you in the mood.

After downloading the module, you can follow these installation instructions.

This also includes the Turkish Airlines skin for the 747. The flight simulator already has a variety of aircraft skins, if you want to see some interesting new skins available then the Nexus Mods are worth paying attention to.

This is not the first time that Iron Lady has entered a video game. In Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4, Eddie the Head, the gang's mascot, is a secret unlockable character.

Recently, they also produced an officially licensed mobile game.

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