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Monday mods 29th june persona 4 fixes

For the classic psychological horror game "Amnesia: Dark Descent", a wide range of modules designed to remake the entire game in the form of "Amnesia: Descendants of Darkness-Remake" has been released. A lot of work involves redoing each texture, implementing the physics-based rendering and the recently implemented shading system, which is a very comprehensive mod. The goal of this module is to keep the game going with the times with a more modern visual and aesthetic presentation style, introduce some new features, and slightly tweak the overall design.

Take a look at this comparison trailer, which shows the visual differences between the original version of the game and this new mod.

This project has been in development since 2016, and finally has a finished product. There have been some comments about this mod before, and there are some bugs and incompatibility, but they have been resolved, so it is ready for prime time.

The following is a relatively simple installation instruction:

This is the Steam version, the instructions for other versions are the same, but the specific instructions in the folder will be different.

For any mod manufacturer, this is definitely one of the most valuable responses. The original game developer Frictional Games joined his thoughts on this mod. They have long been enthusiastic supporters of their mod community and have a reputation for keeping in touch with players, so it's no surprise to see them grasp the pulse of this mod. On the game's Reddit page, the developer Frictional Games posted:

"The amount of work that must be put in is impressive! We will publish this content on Discord's mod showcase! "

Because this mod is more demanding than the original game For visual effects and rendering technology, it will require a more modern GPU. The minimum recommended GPU is GTX 1050, which is the most tested mod. Depending on your exact settings, resolution, etc., you may need a more powerful GPU.

If you want to see this mod, as part of the Steam sale, the base game is currently very cheap, but only for a few days. Go here to see other suggestions on the Steam offer.

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