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If you've ever wanted to run and shoot in a museum like Doom, you're in luck. DevHour Games just released a new mod for Doom II, allowing you to explore 1: 1 entertainment at the National Museum of Video Games in Frisco, Texas.

is known as the National Video Game Museum. This module takes players to the museum, which deals with demonic infestations. Shotgun in hand, players can walk through the museum, admire the exhibits, and shoot down familiar apocalyptic distortions.

"After years of planning, you finally went to Texas to visit the National Video Game Museum, only to find that it was completely occupied by demons! With your trusty super shotgun, in the hordes of descendants of hell Break a path in the game And clean up video game history! "

features include a museum map and two secret maps, a travel mode that protects you from demons, and three normal difficulty levels that are the same as Doom II. . This module is very suitable for the original Doom II settings, but the developer said that it can work normally when opening modules such as Free Look and Jump. The mod of the

National Video Game Museum can be downloaded for free in Mod DB, where you can find all the files needed to get it up and running. The download is only 9.82MB. In this 40GB Warzone update era, this is a breath of fresh air.

DevHour seems to update the mod regularly. A new patch was released yesterday to fix some bugs. The patch note says:

"We hope you enjoy wreaking havoc at the National Video Game Museum! For those who find a secret exit, you may have encountered an error that the game sent you from Doom II to MAP02 instead of the Atari office. This is due to problems with the configuration and repair of the PK3 Mapinfo file. "

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