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We now have the official confirmation date for the next battle royale mode of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, which will be released at 10 AM on March 10. CST (3pm Greenwich Mean Time). We also confirmed details about the game mode released, but the latest leak gives us the biggest drop in information to date.

This video was leaked on the YouTuber account Chaos and may be released before the agreed embargo time. Although the video has been deleted, the official Twitter account of "Call of Duty" has officially announced the game mode and released a trailer.

We know that many well-known YouTube users have already started using this new mode, and many of the images they took will likely be used in the next show. In the video released by Chaos, he continued to mention that this mode will be a 150-person battle royale mode, and plans to expand the number of players to 200 after its launch.

In order to reduce Fortnite and other battle royale games, "Call of Duty Warzone" can actually be played for free, which means you don't need to own "Call of Duty Modern Warfare" to participate. However, if you have the full version of the game, you will be able to use the skins and characters you previously acquired and purchased in the new Warzone game mode.

You will be able to line up as a team of three or two, and even drop down to see how long you can hold on. There is no mention of the four-man squad, but there may be an additional update to achieve this. Since this is an extension of modern warfare itself, there will be many Call of Duty items built into this mode. Of course, you can request combo rewards, but you must purchase them from sites around the map. Something gained from death.

The fast-paced action is to use vehicles. You can jump on vehicles, including ATVs, SUVs, trucks and even helicopters, giving you an advantage over other players; but be careful, this may make you the biggest target on the map!

As seen in the game video, players seem to fall in love with the biggest Battle Royale map to date. It seems to include some newly developed areas and some old favorites such as Scrapyard, Terminal and Overgrown, making long-term fans a bit nostalgic. With just a pistol, you can explore these areas, loot weapons in flight and pay close attention to the surrounding environment and HUD to find enemies.

is different from Blackout. Call of Duty’s previous attempt in Battle Royale game mode, once you kill another player, their loot will fall to the ground like Fortnitel, which should help maintain a fast and crazy state. Instead of checking luggage. Article. Another change in

Looting is the removal of attachments, so you can grab the gun and get started right away. However, you can get weapons with accessories, but these weapons come in the form of airdrops.

Will return the Blackout armor plate slightly crooked. You can collect up to five boards and be able to equip three to reduce some damage. Another difference between

and the previous blackout mode is the introduction of a new rebirth mechanism. When you race with the squad, if you rack up around $ 4,500 in cash but don't resurrect your comrades, you should be able to purchase rebirth tokens to resurrect your deceased teammates. In addition, perhaps to distinguish yourself from similar games, the second chance will also be introduced, the fight for your life minigame, in which you are teleported to the Russian Gulag, in a 1v1 scene with another reverse Fight with the enemies to have the opportunity to return to the main game. Other players can also watch or even participate, launching projectiles to stun participating soldiers.

This should give you a general idea of some of the functions that you can expect to launch. There are plenty of other in-depth details in the video such as load drop, contract, reward, and even the amount of ammo it spawns, but we try not to spoil it too much here.

With the release of this vulnerability and the appearance of ads on Twitch, it is likely that we will see this free Battle Royale mode soon. In fact, if you already have a copy of "Modern Warfare," we'll get Warzone at 10am. M. (3 PM GMT) on March 10, and then we will provide

for everyone else with "Mission". The launch time for "Call: Modern" is:


GMT - 3:00 pm. M., Mar 10


EST - 11 a.m. M., March 10,

CST - 10 a.m. M., March 10

PST - 8 a.m. M., March 10,


Eastern European Time, April 44, 44 p. M., Warzone is available for all to download and play:


GMT - 7pm. M., Mar 10


EST - 3 p. M.,

CST Mar 10 - 2 p. M., Pacific Time, March 10,

- 12 PM, March 10,


CEST - March 10, 9 PM

Call of Duty Warzone will launch on consoles and PC. It's available for free on occasion, and as shown above, Activision has announced an official trailer. If you are still looking for information on this new model, be sure to pay attention to more updates on WePC and follow the launch of Activision's official social media account.

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