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Following its exclusive launch on Xbox One in March, the free massively multiplayer online role-playing game Bless Unleashed will be available for PC in early 2021. Developed by Round 8 Studios, Bless Unleashed is released for PC by Neowiz.

Bless Unleashed will be landing on PC via Steam, and the newly released list is ready, indicating that you can add it to your wish list before releasing the game early next year. The official announcement for

is as follows:

"We are very excited and excited to announce that we are preparing for the launch of the Bless Unleashed PC platform! Bless Unleashed is a large-scale open world MMORPG powered by dynamic combat! . Our players will be able to explore the world of Bless Unleashed on PC and experience dangerous and threatening dungeons with other friends and foes. Not only can Bless Unleashed be used on the console platform, but we are also preparing to launch this game through from STEAM and ”

And any MMORPG is worth the price, Bless Unleashed takes the player into a huge and vibrant world called Lumios and begins a great story. You can accept missions alone or with friends, form guilds and form alliances, while drawing your own story through Bless Unleashed and participating in fierce PvP battles with other players. The world of

Bless Unleashed has vast and diverse landscapes, from green forests to dangerous unknown areas. Focus on exploration, each discovery will bring unique encounters and experiences. When the world was dealing with the aftermath of a man-made disaster, a new demonic force named Daimon waited in the shadows for another attack, and the disaster had already disappeared. Chaos and war haunt the land due to a dark prophecy about the return of the vengeful God to the Loom.

By defeating powerful monsters in dangerous dungeons, players can collect honor titles and collect treasures, enhance and guide character development in true RPG style, and upgrade weapons to take on more formidable enemies. There are five unique professions and four different races to choose from, and you have the opportunity to master each profession's unique combination.

Round 8 Studio has produced a new trailer to accompany the news with an appropriate epic and sinister tone.

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