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Minecraft mod play doom on working pc

Want to play Minecraft, but not sure if your PC is capable of this task? We are at your service.

To get started, you need to understand the components that make up your PC, especially the CPU, GPU, and RAM as a starting point. Once you have them, you can skip to the minimum and recommended specifications below. Check if your PC at least matches or ideally has better hardware than needed.

If you have trouble finding PC specifications, please follow our simple guide here. In the future, we will also develop a tool designed to capture PC specifications with the click of a button, making the whole process easier. This feature is still under development, but once we are up and running smoothly, we will share the good news.

Minecraft was recently updated (well, Bedrock Edition/Windows 10 version anyway), so now if you have a supported GPU, you can fully use ray tracing. If you are looking for this experience, this will raise the minimum specifications, but if this doesn't bother you, then most PCs today should be able to handle it.

Simply put, Minecraft is an ultimate sandbox game that allows players to mine precious minerals and make use of resources from the surrounding environment to construct more ambitious buildings, explore a world made up of blocks of the same size, and fight mobs. of zombies and skeletons.

In fact, Minecraft is much more than that. This is an open creative tool that players can use to build just about anything their brain can think of into a dynamically generated pixelated map. Towering rocks, magnificent meticulously crafted works of art, Minecraft is a canvas as you wish. Also, the game has a certain story level, in which players can embark on a multi-dimensional journey and fight with huge ender dragons. There is nothing wrong.

Minecraft is also the best-selling game ever. Its shipments in May this year reached a staggering 176 million units, excluding countless Mario games and even the fanatical Tetris and other eternal classic games. Part of the reason is the renewed interest of nostalgic gamers and well-known YouTube users. It has recently seen some resurgence, and it has finally got rid of the children's play label that has hindered it for a long time. There is no better jumping time than now.

Although Minecraft is not the most graphically appealing game in any imagination, and the 8-bit beauty obscures the low requirements, the game requires more hardware capabilities than you might expect. This isn't to say you need a $ 2,000 beast, but your average 10-year-old Dell office won't cut mustard either.

From a minimum specification standpoint, any gaming equipment built or purchased in the last 10 years should be sufficient. The 2GB RAM requirement is the lowest of any contemporary game on the market. Integrated graphics support from products like Intel HD Graphics and AMD's R5 series opens the door for users who do not have a dedicated GPU. In terms of processors, i3 is not demanding and should be suitable for most machines. At the very least, a stable 30 FPS is expected, although as the game progresses more and more squares are played, and the settings may need to be reduced to medium or low.

As for the recommended specs, they are up one notch from the low, but are still pretty subdued. A dedicated GPU like any NVIDIA GeForce 700 series or equivalent is needed to get a good FPS rate while handling higher graphics settings. The RAM is 4GB, it's reasonable, and these blocks need to be calculated, and the Intel Core i5 can do the job just fine. Even at higher resolutions and settings, this setting should easily exceed a stable 60 FPS.

If you are looking for some mods to increase your Minecraft experience, then the system requirements will increase exponentially with each addition. There are special requirements for RAM and CPU when adding modules, so if you plan to load a bunch of modules, plan to target the recommended specifications.

Minecraft recently removed their amazing graphics ray tracing overhaul from the beta version and made it available to the general public playing on Windows 10. It is important to note that ray tracing is not available in the Java version of the game, only the basic version is available on Windows. 10 And you need at least a 20-series GPU or equivalent to play games with it turned on.

If your card is not suitable for work, you can't even see the content, as if it doesn't exist.

Make sure you are using Minecraft version 1.16.200 or higher for Windows 10!

You may need to update your Windows operating system and graphics driver to experience ray tracing.

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