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Minecraft dungeons release

There is no shortage of Minecraft mods, which change the gameplay of sandbox survival in a variety of wonderful ways. Now, thanks to a new mod, you can even build a working PC and use it to play the classic shooting game Doom.

Nickname VM computer, this module creates a VM to recreate a working PC in Minecraft. The creator delta2force explained in CurseForge's mod list, ``Order computer parts from the satellites orbiting your Minecraft world to build a real working computer! ''

You will need VirtualBox to start and run the mod (in version 6.1). From there, you can create an order tablet to order specific PC parts, including motherboards, RAM, CPU, GPU, keyboard, mouse, monitor, and hard drives, which are then delivered by satellites orbiting the Minecraft world. It runs five times a day (game time), giving gamers plenty of opportunities to pack new kits for their virtual PCs. These parts are even packaged in boxes with the VM Corp logo.

With the parts available, the player must create a new virtual hard drive and import the ISO into Minecraft. After finishing, select a case, assign an operating system (including Windows 98 and Windows XP), add motherboard, RAM and other components.

Once the machine is configured and has completed the operating system installation process (in real time), it is very much like a standard PC (and also uses as much storage space, CPU and RAM as possible). You can browse Windows, use MS Paint, and even load the DOS version of Doom.

delta2force warns that the module is prone to problems. They noticed: `Warning: This module may mess up VirtualBox settings. If VirtualBox cannot start normally, delete its settings folder and try to restart. If this does not solve the problem, please contact me on Reddit. In addition, this mod has bad coding practices. What a bad boy. So it is just a client and you cannot join a multiplayer server with it installed. `

At the time of writing, the mod has been downloaded over a thousand times, which means you are interested in migrating your virtual PC to Minecraft. If you want to give it a try, here are all the files and installation tutorials. To take a look at the mod in action, go here.

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