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Microsoft teases vatsim integration for microsoft flight simulator

Microsoft yesterday announced without notice that it would close its Mixer streaming platform and convert its list of partners and viewers to compete with Facebook Gaming. This move will cause the platform to shut down on July 22, when the site will be redirected to Facebook Gaming

. In the news line sharing this decision, Microsoft explained that Mixer's growth did not meet expectations, although I have seen several high-profile transactions Tyler` Ninja` Blevins and Michael` Shroud` Grzesiek and the like joined Mixer to trade. , The transaction amount is said to be as high as millions of dollars.

Microsoft said: ``It is clear that the time required for our own live broadcast community to expand does not match the vision and experience that Microsoft and Xbox now want to provide gamers, so we decided to shut down operations. Part of Mixer and help the community transition to the new platform.

According to a report by The Verge, Microsoft weighed several options, including investing more in Mixer, selling it to the highest bidder, or canceling it altogether. As Microsoft’s game director Phil Spencer explained, “It’s not about the profitability of sales, but about finding partnerships that best suit the interests of the community and streaming media. We think that’s the way it is, and it provides us with A great place to publish more xCloud content and allow players to play games from there.''As close as possible. In addition, anchors participating in Mixer's open monetization program will be eligible to participate in Facebook Gaming's Level Up program.

According to Slasher industry insiders, Facebook will provide Mixer partners with a one-time $ 2,500 sign-up bonus to entice them to join Facebook Gaming. For a smooth transition, Mixer will also pay the anchor double June's revenue.

As for big-name presenters, Facebook is working overtime to guarantee their services. The end of Mixer means that many of these famous presenters do not have contracts and have received all the transactions from Mixer without the obligation to transfer their business to Facebook Gaming.

Thus, it is reported that Facebook provided Ninja and Shroud with almost double the financial items that they had originally agreed to with Mixer-Ninja $ 30 million and Shroud $ 10 million. According to reports, both broadcasters have rejected the new deal and are exploring their options, presumably considering switching back to Twitch or switching to YouTube.

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