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Microsoft pushes out directx 12 feature level 12_2 confirms support for rdna 2 and turing

Microsoft first announced the game screens of its upcoming flagship FPS game "Halo Infinity" at an event, which showed for the first time the special features of its next-generation console Xbox Series X. It has not been popular. That. , The games there look good, but there is certainly nothing groundbreaking. After Microsoft spent several months advertising the Xbox Series X as "the most powerful game console ever," people hope they have at least something to prove this power, and Halo Infinite is not the case. In response to this strong opposition, the developer 343 Industries published a blog post that addressed the problem head-on. In addition to many different themes, 343 acknowledged all criticism of the graphics and promised that the final game will look significantly better.


"First of all, we have to admit, yes, we have listened to some community feedback on the images in the Halo Infinite event demo. Although we see and hear more positives than negatives, we want to share more Background information. From our point of view, there are two key areas in the community that are controversial: general artistic style and visual fidelity. "

This seems correct to me. Some criticisms focus on not trying anything new. The style is decided on the graphics. At first glance, the position we saw in the first Halo Infinite game screen can easily be set to some of the same positions in the previous Halo game. Perhaps it is intended as a way to return to the basics, bringing the series back to its roots, but many people may wish to see more evidence that the series is moving forward, rather than repeating past work. Obviously this is a matter of personal preference, but I can see that people are disappointed that Grunts and Elites are scattered in a part that can easily become silent cartographers.

"Through Halo Infinite, we are returning to a more'classic' artistic style. This is a key message that can be traced back to the first reveal that received enthusiasm and positive response. This translates into a more vivid palette, "cleaner" "" model and less "noisy" objects, although this does not mean less details. Although we realize that this may not be everyone’s personal preference, we support this decision and are happy to see it interact with Many fans around the world resonate.”

From a visual fidelity point of view, it may be more difficult to treat it as a question of personal preference. Perhaps he was listed as the strongest reason to spend a lot of money on the most powerful game console ever, and turned into a normal Halo game, which hurt him a bit. . We don't know how long it will be from now until launch, but they will continue to develop Halo Infinite for most of the rest of this year, and they say it will look better when it comes out:

"Negative comments in this area include surrounding characters AND the object appears flat , simple and plastic, the light feels dim and flat, and the object displays feedback. We've read your feedback, we've seen homemade examples of modified content, yes, we've listened to Digital Foundry's review. In many ways, we agree: we have work to do to address some of these areas and improve the fidelity and overall presentation of the final game. The build used to run the campaign demo was a work in progress. weeks ago. Graphics elements and gameplay still are being completed and improved. Although some comments are expected and involve areas that are already in progress, other aspects of the comments have brought new opportunities and considerations, and the team is taking it very seriously. Try and work hard to evaluate. We have no definitive answers or results to share, but the team is working on a plan as soon as possible to resolve some feedback on details, clarity, and overall fidelity. The team is committed and focused on ensuring that we have a beautiful world for players to explore when we release. "

In my opinion, if you want to use "Oh, this is the old warning, don't worry about the graphics. This requires more work." Maybe it would be better to mention this before the camera is displayed instead of after. The game is not yet released. Far away, they have said that effects like ray tracing will not be added until release. There is still time to implement improvements, but we are unlikely to see any major fundamental changes in visual effects.

Somehow, Microsoft seems to be messy because of them The release date for the visual effects of the Halo Infinite game was set, but it was obviously not first verified whether it was really ready to be displayed. However,

graphics is not the only area where we get updates, and some additional details on other elements of the game are discussed in this blog post.

For me, whenever I think of playing an old Halo game, my first memory is a local splitscreen co-op, playing with friends. 343 2-person splitscreen has been confirmed to return to Halo. They will also support 4-person online cooperation:

"The event will support 2-person split screen and 4-person online cooperation. Yes, you can play with friends on the couch."

Blog Post There are many other details discussed in, check out the latest announcements about Halo Infinite.

We don't know the exact release date, but we do know that it will launch at the same time as the Xbox Series X launch, which will launch during the 2020 holiday season. Will be released on Xbox One, Xbox

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