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Microsoft launch widget store for the xbox game bar

Unsurprisingly, due to a less low-key trailer in the marketing of the Xbox E3 2019 event, Microsoft officially let go of cats at the E3 briefing and announced the next generation of Xbox code-named Project Scarlett. . Xbox boss Phil Spencer revealed that this game console is scheduled to be released during the 2020 holiday period.

There is very little detailed information about the Scarlett program, only the long-term cooperation with AMD partners to develop Zen 2ready Navi processor technology. We are told that the processing power is four times that of Microsoft's current products. The

frame rate is expected to reach an astonishing 120 FPS (unheard of in console games), variable refresh rate, real-time hardware acceleration, next-generation ray tracing and 8K resolution. Project Scarlett has a high bandwidth GDDR 6 memory. Interestingly, it uses a custom SSD as virtual RAM, which has a 40% performance increase compared to current game consoles.

To be backward-compatible from Microsoft, Scarlett will "provide four generations of content," that is, playable next-gen, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Xbox games.

Microsoft loosely dropped terms like transformative, immersive, and details, focusing on reducing the loading screen, and mentioned "flick" as a benchmark for game loading speed in Project Scarlett. Microsoft calls Project Scarlett "the future of gaming."

Microsoft said it currently has a team dedicated to Scarlett game development, including Halo Infinite, which will be the flagship game released by the console.

Overall, the announcement does not provide any new details that have not previously emerged through conclusive rumors, but rather provides a rather vague overview of expectations, without providing a full breakdown of equipment specifications. The

ball is now in the courts of Google and Sony.

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