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Xbox Game Bar has released a new update that allows third parties to publish game feature widgets built directly into Windows Game Bar. XSplit, Razer, and Corsair widgets developed using the Game Bar SDK are now available in the widget store. Destiny 2 also has a widget to help you track game progress and events. Read on to learn more details about these new widgets.

For XSplit Broadcaster users, this widget places broadcast controls directly on the game bar, so you can manage audio levels and configure broadcast settings and titles. This is a convenient way to quickly control the flow without leaving the game.

If your system is equipped with any Corsair iCUE component, that is, the Corsair lighting system, you can use this widget to control your system lights from the game bar. You can switch between different lighting modes and manually configure different color lighting settings based on your mood or what's happening on the screen. Users of the Razer Chroma RGB

lighting system can use this Game Bar widget to automatically sync lighting settings with the audience on Twitch, so you can share your lighting colors with audiences that also have the Chroma RGB system during live streaming.

This will allow you to control Razer's Immersive Positional Audio technology on compatible Razer devices. The settings can be used directly in the game bar, allowing you to configure the audio settings instantly.

This community-made Destiny 2 widget can now be used directly in the game bar. This allows you to fix rewards, victories and tasks on the screen while playing the game to help you track the progress of the Destiny 2 metagame. It can also track your account statistics and achievements. You can even install and use the widget without the game installed, but it is designed to be used during a game session.

You can read all the details of this game bar update in this Xbox blog post.

Microsoft has also updated the game bar and added new features so that you will no longer get in the way after completing the game. The two main new features are:

" CTR-Although fixed overlays are useful, they will be better if you can click on them while playing games like League of Legends, Dota 2, and StarCraft 2. They are now You can control the mouse click behavior of Xbox Game Bar users, so you can decide whether the mouse click on the fixed widget should go to the widget or the game.

Transparency: We listened to feedback from players and developers-hope that the widget supports transparency, today We announce it here. This is a great add-on to the click function that makes the game bar widgets more versatile, so you can enjoy a full view while taking advantage of overlay fixation."

has a lot of these features, and I can envision many other cool uses of the Game Bar SDK in the future, although I think there is nothing particularly important about the Game Bar at this time. Most of the functions it provides can be used elsewhere on other systems. However, if they can continue to add powerful new features and expand the range of features they provide with exciting third-party widgets, then it can easily become a powerful tool to complement PC gaming.

If you use any component that supports new features added through third-party widgets, or if you are a dedicated player in Destiny 2, these new widgets can be very useful. Let us know how you get along with them.

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