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Microsoft flight simulator announcement

Using the future Microsoft flight simulator by launching in the coming weeks, people hesitated if they arrived in Steam. However, some good news have been announced.

In recent presentations, Microsoft has confirmed that the flight simulator reached the same launch date, on August 18.

Microsoft Flight Simulator was initially announced on a PC through the Xbox Game Route, so it is welcome to the title fans of the simulator that is a steam.

As of today, you can book it in steam and select between standard, luxury and premium luxury editions. Each version has a wide variety of airport aircraft in the Master and Super Environment.

Recent Microsoft ads also confirmed the Trackir and VR support. Trackir is a solution of head trucks that provides full control of the six-degree camera of freedom for a more immersive experience.

"The most requested functions listened to the community are the support of Trackir and VR. Today we announce that Microsoft Flight Simulator receives the Trackir support available on day 1, VR compatibility is available to publish HP Reverb G2 in the second Half this year.

Microsoft The flight simulator is compatible with Microsoft's future G2 VR G2 VR headphones and valve (this year later). This headset has excellent high resolution screens, immersive audio and excellent tracking so that the player can take full advantage of the impressive images of the flight simulators in the world of virtual reality.

If you always want VR headphones, it may be the best time to invest immediately. HP REVERB G2 headphones are available from September. Microsoft will also work with partners that help improve the experience of Logicech G, Slastmaster, Virtual Virtual and Simulator.

In his blog, Microsoft was "excited to support the Honeycomb" accelerator quadrant and the new Sidestick and the peripherals of the Airbust TCA version of the thrust master. In addition, through the SimConect updated, we are committed to backing existing peripherals and the starting booth. For "

, the best experience, it is better than that with the appropriate joystick and accelerator to go along with the flight simulator. If you are trying to play Microsoft Flight Simulator, why not take a look at the guide to configure the Better flight simulator? will cover all the different types of hardware and want to ensure next month in time for the launch. Do you want to update or derive a flight simulator

? Look at the recent publications that cover the story of all the best of things and the 40 years of this genre.

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