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Microsoft announces xbox games showcase for july 23rd

At this year’s Xbox E3 briefing, Microsoft released the first new trailer for Scarlett’s confirmed title "Halo: Infinite".

pure film, captured by Slispace's new game engine, the six-minute trailer shows a stranded pilot struggling in the ordeal of floating in deep space. His UNSC Pelican detected a friendly signal, which turned out to be a staunch supporter of the series, the Chief Sergeant.

The pilot frantically managed to resurrect the super soldier and ignite the ship at the same time. Not everything went well, because the pilot found a broken Halo Ringworld through the cockpit window. In true Halo style, the Chief Sergeant promised to do it himself. The attention to detail in the

Halo: Infinite trailer is very obvious, as is the quality of the rendering of the face, the master chief's outfit, and the Pelican's cockpit. Whether this is what we expect from the actual game remains to be seen, and it's best to add a moderate amount of salt to these trailers, but it's a reliable indicator of Project Scarlett's processing power.

As far as we know, the story is taken from an event in "Halo 5: Guardians", "unfolding in an ambitious and unexpected direction". Developer 343 Industries calls it a "spiritual reboot," combining a forward-looking vision while retaining the core that defines the Halo experience.

Halo: Infinite will be released as Project Scarlett's flagship in much the same way as Halo: Combat Evolved did for the original Xbox in 2001. The reason behind this move is to provide potential gamers with a must-see game, which will lead them to invest in the next generation of Xbox instead of Sony’s PlayStation 5, which is expected to be launched at the same time in late 2020.

Microsoft said Halo: Unlimited will be launched simultaneously on Project Scarlett, Xbox One and PC. If the Xbox One version is a simplified version, there is no detailed description yet.

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