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Microsoft announces xbox games showcase coming july 23rd

Mark Your Calendar: Microsoft has officially announced that the Xbox Games Showcase will take place on July 23, 2020 at 9 a.m. Pacific Standard Time / 5 p.m. British summer time.

The official event will be preceded by a one-hour preview of the summer games festival hosted by Game Award creator and presenter Geoff Keighley. Rehearsal begins at 8am Pacific Standard Time / 4pm British Summer Time.

Microsoft did not provide the specific details that were expected, but based on previous communications from the Xbox camp, the list of 15 powerful Xbox Game Studios developers is expected to focus on proprietary games. As Microsoft explained in May:

"In July, we will take time to focus on amazing games from Xbox Game Studios. Several of our studio teams look forward to sharing the first perspective of the new gameplay, the insights of the development team optimized for Xbox Series X, and the announcement of the new game. We can’t wait to share some initial thoughts on what the team is doing. "

After May Inside Xbox received poor "gameplay", there is not so much in-game action. Xbox will make sure to do everything to show games running on the upcoming Xbox Series X.

ranks first It is the first series X game Halo Infinite developed by 343 Industries. As one of Xbox’s iconic exclusive games, Halo Infinite will top the list. Ninja Theory’s Senua is the same as s Saga: Hellblade II, which was presented at The Game Awards in December The spectacular trailer effectively opened a year of work for the next generation. Since then, we have hardly heard any news, and some news is outdated.

Looking at the other developers of Xbox Game Studios, a new entry in the Forza racing series may be called Forza Motorsport 8. Given that developer Turn 10 revealed in December that the next Forza Motorsport experience is in a playable state, this seems very likely.

Despite Microsoft's conflicting statements and some suspicious Twitter ID and trademark creation records, Fable 4 may appear. Fans certainly have no shortage of interest in the new games in the series. The same is true for the new perfect dark game. Xbox Chief Marketing Officer Aaron Greenberg removed the two newly created Twitter identifiers as "standard practice" to protect social IP identifiers, whether they are inactive or not. However, as the saying goes, there is no fire or smoke.

After last year's excellent The Outer Worlds, Obsidian Entertainment may appear and show what it has done since then, while learning more about the survival game Honey I Shrunk The Kidlike Grounded.

and then the newly created The Initiative studio, we've rarely heard of it since Microsoft put it together last summer from Santa Monica Studio, Insomniac Games, BioWare, Naughty Dog, and Rockstar alumni. Given the pedigree of the talents there, we expect an ambitious project, which may be driven by Microsoft's desire to release a "powerful single-player game."

We can also expect Microsoft to insert "Sea of Thieves" and "Minecraft" in some capacity because the gaming giant tends to announce updates to its two most profitable IP addresses when given the opportunity. Similarly, Microsoft is expected to realize that all games will be released on Xbox and PC at the same time, and will mention "Xbox Game Pass" and "Series X Enhanced" as good metrics.

Otherwise, we bet that Xbox will get some surprises from the list of Xbox game studios.

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