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Microsoft acquires psychonauts developer double fine productions

We know that Microsoft has been planning some kind of game explosion before launching the next-generation Xbox Series X console, and now they have determined the exact date and time. Microsoft announced "See the future of Xbox on the Xbox Games Showcase on July 23." We look forward to seeing updates on all of your early studios' ongoing projects.

Microsoft has said that this will be a one-hour live broadcast, fully focused on games. No hardware news, only one hour to show your next game lineup. The stream will be 1080p/60hz, but a high-quality 4k/60hz version will be provided after the initial stream.

Even those of us who have no interest in buying Xbox should pay attention to this broadcast. Microsoft is now the leading publisher of PC games, and we are likely to expect most of its product lines to hit PC / Steam in the future. They may only focus on selling upcoming game consoles through this stream, but we may be able to play all of these games on PC as well.

It will be interesting to see how you spread the news about your decision to continue supporting Xbox One and its next line of games. In an Xbox blog post, Phil Spencer reiterated that all of these games will also be on Xbox One:

"We hope that all Xbox gamers will be able to play all new games on Xbox Game Studios. That is why the Xbox Game Studios games that we will release in the next few years (such as Halo Infinite) will be available and will work well on Xbox Series X and Xbox One. We will not force you to upgrade to Xbox Series X to play Xbox exclusive games on the launch.

We will see if this strategy of reducing friction between generations is applicable at that time. This is great for existing system owners, but will they eventually be hampered by outdated hardware due to their games. And the games that affect them? wait and see

We're confident it will be the first to properly showcase Halo Infinite, the highly anticipated next title in the long-running shooter series. Perhaps the important thing is that it is not called Halo 6, which may indicate that the series is moving in some new direction. Microsoft undoubtedly hopes that this is a game that may have a long life cycle, so maybe we will see a certain departure from the traditional limited linear battle plus deathmatch multiplayer game. If I were a gambler, I might say that elements such as a more open world design and a certain kind of large-scale battle royale style multiplayer game might appear, but I hope that no matter which direction they are heading, they will have some solid background. idea. Not just chasing trends.

Forza is in a strange place. The on/off rhythm of Forza Motorsport in one year and Forza Horizon in the second year has been broken for the first time since 2011. We had the excellent Forza Horizon 4 in 2018, but it has not been released since then (except for one-time mobile games). Both Forza Horizon 4 and Forza Motorsport 7 2017 have a lot of post-launch support, so perhaps this and the preparation for the new console are the reasons for the change in the release schedule. Since the series began with the original Xbox, Microsoft has always had a Forza game available to release new consoles, so we're sure this applies to this too. Turn 10 is a studio that maintains the Forza game engine and develops Forza Motorsport, while the Playground game uses the Forza engine provided by Turn 10 to make Forza Horizon n games. I can see that a new entry in the Motorsport series is the most suitable for launch, because it will be a good opportunity for Turn 10 to update the engine to take advantage of the new hardware, and track-based racing games at 60fps are usually be excellent. new hardware displays. In addition to the Forza Horizon game,

Playground Games also created a second team to work on a completely different project. It's widely speculated that Forza has been rebooted, and at least we know it's an open-world RPG. The study is significant to solve the reboot of famous series like Fable. Their work on the Forza Horizon series is probably the most consistent schedule and standard work of any first Microsoft company in the last ten years, and they expect it to be a British studio. to master the tone of British humor better than studies from other parts of the world.

This is the Gears of War studio. If they are doing something, it will be related to the war machine. It may be a bit premature to hear any news about the purpose of the series' new mainline, but if we hear more about their plans to update some of Gears 5's graphical features, I wouldn't be surprised. They may also update some of the early games in the series.

You will never be able to fully express your expectations of Rare. Due to the Steam launch, we've recently seen new life for "Sea of Thieves" so maybe they have some updates to show off. I wouldn't be too surprised to hear the return of some classic rare IPs, even if it was developed by other studios, like Killer Instinct or the upcoming Battletoads.

Minecraft 2? Probably not, but maybe we'll see some kind of Minecraft update that takes advantage of the new hardware. Sales of "Minecraft" on Xbox 360 and Xbox One are very good, it is not difficult to imagine that it will play the same role again in another generation of game consoles.


Working on two projects for the Xbox Series X launch period, but maybe not impossible.

This is a big question mark, because this is a new studio that hasn't released any content yet. Maybe they can host a project based on some existing ip, maybe Perfect Dark? Or maybe they are working on something completely new.

Microsoft has also made a number of acquisitions from different studios, all of which are interesting studios behind games with strong identities. It may be time for us to start hearing about Obsidian, Inexile, Double Fine and other studios acquired by Microsoft. Some of these studios have already announced projects under development, but maybe we can also look forward to some of their comments.

We will pay close attention to the news of all the exciting games in this show. If you have anything you really look forward to seeing, please let us know.

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