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In the stable period of the 1990s, the N64 classic Goldeneye was the undisputed king of the host first-person shooter, offering dynamic and diverse single-player campaigns directly based on Pierce Brosnan's movies, as well as an iconic multiplayer game mode. Although the game is currently loved by people, it is still a bit difficult to go back to these days, which have outdated controls, unstable frame rates and basic graphics. For a long time, fans have been hoping to relive the time they spent in the original game through a real remake, but there has been no official remake or re-release. There are some attempts to capitalize on the legacy of the game. A few years later, EA released a pseudo-sequel called GoldenEye: Rogue Agent; the less said the better, plus developer Eurocom’s very competent "remake" in 2010, but no What can really do the justice of the original game.

This may be why multiple fans plan to try to resurrect the game. Strictly speaking, fan projects developed without the permission of the right holder always exist in a gray area of the law. Some publishers and developers are happy to allow fan projects to exist undisturbed, as long as they don't try to turn them into commercial projects. There are even some fan projects that have been approved by copyright owners, such as the "Half-Life" remake Black Mesa or Sonic Mania, whose earliest form was fan projects.

Goldeneye 25 is one such project, hoping to remake the N64 outing of James Bond. Your goal is to recreate the entire single player campaign, running on Unreal Engine 4. Given how large and durable James Bond’s intellectual property is, it may not be surprising that a project like this attracts people’s attention. The project is progressing well, but unfortunately, the team responsible for the project announced today that the development of Goldeneye 25 cannot continue.

Yannick Zenhäusern, the composer involved in the Goldeneye 25 project, explained the situation on YouTube. This will be the last video about Goldeneye 25. He said:

"This has been in our minds, this may happen one day, and now it It has already happened. We have received suspension and termination letters from Danjaq and MGM (the holders of James Bond intellectual property), in which they urged us to stop developing Goldeneye 25 before August 18, which means we certainly will. Will. Obey. Of course, this is your intellectual property and we do not resist. Some voices said, "Why don't you find a lawyer to oppose this?" This is not what we want to do, and we don't want to create any scandals. I like to say this: They organized a party, we were hanging out nearby, and now they kindly ask us to leave, of course we will do this, and we will comply.

Now this does not mean that everything we create, what we do, is thrown into the trash can. The good news is that many things that Ben created in the past can be reused, did you know? Of course, we will discard any references to Goldeneye and Bond. We will change the plot, it will be different, but it will still retain the elements of the beloved 90s shooter that we all love very much. "

Because they changed the project from a new version of the existing property to brand new creations and originals, this opened the door for turning their work into a commercial game. Zenhäusern stated that they can now consider using this game for Steam and games. You do not want to fight against Danjaq and MGM’s decision in a way that might lead you to a complicated and dangerous legal process, and there will be no licensing issues. Therefore, it may be best to comply with the suspension and termination requests. The opportunity to avoid facing serious legal and financial consequences.

Currently, this still-in-development game will use the new name "Project Ianus" and they will start making fun of the games they play. Fans can check their new Twitter page Looking forward to these games:

whether they can still inspire players' interest in a game that is inspired but not directly based on Goldeneye remains to be seen, but of course we are still very interested. Perhaps, in the long run, this is the best. As you shift your attention, the game may eventually develop in new and interesting directions, rather than being linked to ideas and concepts more than two decades ago. If we are optimistic, maybe Danjaq and MGM are fighting to protect their intellectual property in this way, which may indicate that they are open to the possibility of some kind of official remake at some point in the future.

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