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Metro exodus system requirements

Since the first subway game was launched in 2010, we have considered the first time of the first suspense and fear of fear that we were running through Dim Moscow Metro. The

yuan metro game had a set of mechanics so interesting that helped the horrible player, but to immerse it in attractive environments. This was partially stained with a good raw material based on metro 2033 by Dmitry Glukhovsky.

Today we are going to look at the subway game in order, what is wonderful and brought every title to the table. As it is said, let's go to the game that started it.

Date of launch-March 16, 2010

Platform-Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch of Nintendo, Linux, OS X, Google Stadia

Mosque Stadia

Mosque Stadia

Mosque Stadia

Mos Stadic. In the dark world where everything was wrong. You touched an artificial game, forced underground to one of the survivors of nuclear war. The resource

is missing in the basement of Moscow, you must clean the supplies and market your valuable bullets for the goods. PAPOCALIPSIPSE, MUMUNITION DEGRADEGRADA can make it detailed as a currency, and you must entrust an ammunition of Muas Muitions during battle. On your trip, we will look for several seasons with each backsty while hiding many enlightened monsters.

The tense game mixed with the riveted story was more than enough to get all the hook from the fan base. Fortunately, the follow-up was just around the corner.

Date of launch-May 14, 2013

Platform-Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, OS X, Linux, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch Nintendo, Google Stadia

Metro: All Metro Games is wonderful to get Some of the last light built until the last light as the last light. Now you can customize your weapons, but you can search for more areas more areas than the first game. The

players can also find the first title, but concentrate on the Battle of Stealth of Metro: the last light is to fully avoid the open combat if it is silent enough.

Metro: The last light does not strictly follow the story in the book, it is still interesting and grabs in general. Metro: One year after 2033 events, the metro system struggles to control the last device in military storage d6.

If you think the Metro 2033 looks good, the graph is further improving with the last light. The area is the pleasure of searching, and a dark environment is completely lent to Stealth-based gameplay. If it is not a fan of fear game, the constant suspense in this series is a huge off.

Release date-August 26, 2014

Platform-Windows PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox One, PlayStation 4

Metro series is not an independent title, but Metro Redux is enough for the two original games, easy visual reference. Metro Redux is essentially meter 2033 and Metro Rebuplex. You can focus on Remaster. The

meter 2033 will provide more profits at graphic rates and paintings that are observing the largest improvement. The character model is also updated to look like a similar cardboard, and the loading screen is merged to a longer version during the level.

The Ranger mode also allows current games and allows you to increase difficulties and realism while playing and eliminating HUD.

Launch Date-February 15, 2019

Platform-Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Stadia

of the two games before dialing the two games previously, is mainly done on the ground increase. Once again, you play as an art to guide the surviving band through the arid Russian wild earth.

Metro Graph: Exodus is really great, and you may need to think about the update if you fight to play the previous title. The landscape that explores is vast and skillfully done, and there are many dynamic diurnal and dynamic cycles and climate systems can bring some pretty wonderful views.

Settings have changed, but the History of Metro: Exodus fits very well in the general theme of the previous game. All the characters you know have your own revival, there are many who can be dissected in political rugged lands, and there are several difficult options to make them in the middle.

The game is still similar to previous games, but it has spread to focus on craftsmanship and survival. It is possible that this game is not nervous as an original, but it is expected that it is expected to get out of the dimmed subway systems, regardless of whether they are back in the darkness in the darkness of the next subway game .. He saw.

What should be under your radar, it is worth reviewing the subway franchise? To get a full range of history, you really want to face each of these games, starting with meter 2033.

You can wait for the future to see what the future will bring to the series, since the metro story is still folded. But until now, we just have to reread the Repeat of Ranger or the novel of origin. What was your favorite subway game from the list of

? Do you think the subway returns to underground roots? Please, let us know in the comment section below, we love to listen to your opinion.

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