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Metro exodus enhanced edition

Getting Metro Exodus up and running on your gaming equipment depends on the hardware it contains. You first need to find out exactly which components you have, focusing on GPU, CPU, and RAM. If you need help, check out our easy-to-follow step-by-step guide here.

has your specifications on hand, scroll down this page to the minimum and recommended specifications for Metro Exodus, and then cross-reference the two. If they match, you should be in a good position; otherwise, you may want to explore updating dial components.

To make it easier for readers to check the entire system requirements process, we are developing a tool that can automatically determine the hardware for you and then list them for easy digestion. It is still confidential as of this writing, but please check for updates in the near future.

Metro Exodus game details

Metro Exodus is the third and final entry in the acclaimed Metro franchise. It is a first person shooter with a narrative that combines invisibility, terror and survival.

Set in Russia after the end of 2036, Metro Exodus saw the player playing the role of survivor Artyom, who tried to escape the Moscow metro system in search of survivors on the eastern floor.

The subway has become a haven for survivors, resisting the ravages of mutant beasts and otherworldly horrors outside, but infighting has led to disillusionment and division within the group.

Under the leadership of the Spartan Ranger squad that was also eager to flee Moscow, Artyom embarked on a year-long trek, traversing the vast poisonous gas of cold Russia, and discovered a world changed by war, but still fighting for survive. The decision will have an impact and one wrong move could cause Artyom's journey to end prematurely. The game

is based on survival and combat. Artificial intelligence enemies and environments include radiation, mutant humans, and warring factions. Fortunately, players can use a set of crafted weapons obtained through searching and crafting to navigate Metro Exodus' careful balance of open world and linear parts.

For a visually stunning game like Metro Exodus, stringent requirements are the standard of the field, and the minimum / recommended specs will not disappoint in this regard. We are not going to waste time here; you will need a powerful PC that has some raw power to get the most out of the game.

When it comes to the minimum specs, 4A Games has done a good job optimizing the game to provide a stable 30 FPS at 1080p, but the compromise is that all settings are on a low level. This isn't as bad as it sounds, even at the low end, Metro Exodus is still graphically impressive. You can also go down to 720p and increase the setting to medium, while again hitting the 30 FPS average. The recommended specification

is for 1080p 60 FPS. The high setting works pretty well at FPS speeds up to 60 FPS, and will never go below 30 FPS. For those who need frames, lowering the setting to medium will produce a fairly stable 6070 FPS.

For higher resolutions, the recommended specifications can run at 1440p and 55 FPS, set to medium. High is possible, but the lower FPS spectrum drifts into the annoying 20 region, which contrasts sharply with the maximum count of approximately 45 FPS. Differences will lead to discordant swings in the framework, which will greatly detract from our preferences.

Once again, the developers have done a great job optimizing Metro Exodus, so even if the requirements are relatively high, even at the lowest specs, the results are very satisfying and worth experiencing. The key is that these two configuration files give you excellent Metro Exodus performance.

If you want to push 4K at an ultra-high 6070 FPS setting, then you're looking for a combination of the Intel Core i99900K, 16GB of RAM, and the NVIDIA RTX 2080Ti. It's expensive, but Metro Exodus looks absolutely spectacular.

Honestly, it comes down to personal preference. Smooth gameplay is essential, but some people believe that graphic fidelity has a greater impact on immersion. The pleasant medium between the two seems to be the best course of action, and we will make recommendations on this basis.

This represents an ideal configuration, so you can switch to a lower/better CPU/GPU combination at will to meet your specific needs and standards.

If you need more guidance on the complete build, we will also point you to the direction of the $1000 or $1500 build.

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