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Solo developer Johnny Dale Lonack and publisher Thorrnet announced today that the medieval dueling game Griefhelm will launch on PC via Steam on August 20, 2020 in less than a month. Thornet released a new trailer to commemorate this moment, showing part of Griefhelm's frantic duel.

If you missed Griefhelm's debut as the Summer Steam Game Festival yesterday, here's the official promo video for you to quickly understand:

"Set in a violent and deadly medieval world, Griefhelm is an award-winning tactical dueling game and medieval weapons In fast-paced duels, tactically defeating the enemy, launch a battle and slaughter the enemy, transfer their blows and make the most of their advantages. As the fighters seek opportunities, each battle begins. A new dance of death. Master the art of combat to defeat your enemies and achieve victory. "

Griefhelm is characterized by dynamic and challenging battles, packed with gameplay, filled with painful white boxing battles, depicting the journey to earn Griefhelm's most coveted rewards. Thornet said that, due to secondary routes and more than 500 responses narratives, each game

players can also expect to have an extensive medieval arsenal as their master swordsman, navigate in a handcrafted environment, enter online matchmaking, and be local with up to 4 people. Fight in tournament mode in multiplayer games. The multiplayer components Griefhelm's include four modes, nine maps, eight factions, and a variety of weapons and armor sets.

Developer Johnny Dale Lonack's positive reaction to yesterday's debut was Put it this way:

"We've been working hard to complete our duel Tactical Griefhelm game, and we are very happy that we will launch it this summer. I was very encouraged by the wonderful response during the Steam Game Festival, and I can’t wait to see players compete in online multiplayer games! "

If you like Griefhelm, you can add the game to your wishlist on Steam and view a lot of help screenshots. There is no pricing information yet, but as a separate effort, Griefhelm should not take you too far.

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