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If traditional gaming laptops can't fully provide the extremely high performance levels you need, and you want to maximize CPU power while traveling, or open a lot of Chrome tabs at the same time, then maybe this portable workstation. with an unconventional design it could be the solution you are looking for. The

Mediaworkstations aXP Portable Threadripper Workstation's design looks more like a suitcase than an ultra-slim ultra-portable laptop - its size is more like a desktop computer, but has a built-in screen and keyboard. The main compromise for portability is the robust case design and easy-to-attach handles. The system measures 13.63 "x 16.51" x 7.26 "and weighs 2330 pounds, depending on configuration.

has multiple configuration options available. The basic CPU provided is AMD Threadripper 3960X, but you can also upgrade to 3970X or 3990X. You can choose 32GB or 64GB of RAM, and there are a variety of SSDs to choose from, from 250GB to 2TB, which can hold up to two drives. In terms of GPU, you can choose Nvidia's RTX series, including standard consumer cards such as 2060 and 2080 ti, powerful Titan RTX, and Quadro and Tesla series workstation cards.

This is not the type of system we recommend to most users, because it is clearly designed for very specific professional environments where you need uncompromising workstation-level performance and a small and portable form factor. But this is an interesting curiosity, and it demonstrates the degree of freedom of different manufacturers in designing computers, laptops and components to adapt to different budgets, needs and usage scenarios. This isn't the kind of machine that anyone can reasonably buy to play Minecraft or Fortnite, but it's still an interesting system.

We are not sure about the display specs because it is not listed on the Mediaworkstations website, but we hope it has at least a decent display. The

has a starting price of $ 7,997, which is certainly not a mass market machine. Equipped with all the high-end components and additional equipment, the price is as high as 45,000 US dollars. In very special circumstances, we don't see this as particularly practical, but it will definitely be nice to have all the computing power in a portable device.

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