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To coincide with the release of the highly anticipated F1 2020 game tomorrow, Codemasters has released a video guide for beginners. This should help new players and those seeking updates to keep up before loading the game.

This year's F1 race includes many new and improved features for familiarization. The new video is the first in a series of videos to help new players learn the ropes. It includes skills in mastering new driving modes, how to overtake and racing in the rain.

F1 2020 has two versions:

F1 2020

F1 2020: Luxury Schumacher Edition

For the first time in F1, you will be able to choose your racing style. This is to ensure that everyone likes F1 rookies or veterans.

If you're new to F1, the new casual racing style is ideal. It can help you learn all the skills to navigate and maneuver cars on the track. You will be able to change many different settings, including brake assist, antilock braking, traction control, gearbox type, ERS assist, etc.

In this style of racing, off-road roads are easier to drive and will not cause you to slip frequently. If you eventually deviate from the track, there is a convenient reset track function to help you return to the previous position.

Another new element is the steering assist function. This will gently guide you towards the ideal track as you ride and help you correct any mistakes.

Once you are satisfied with F1, you can turn off some auxiliary tools to continue challenging yourself. If you are ready to enter the next level, you can switch to the standard racing style, which provides a more realistic racing experience.

Learning to navigate a new track is difficult at best. You will want to take advantage of the practice sessions to get the most out of your car.

During the free practice period, you can encounter several different challenges. The best starting point is the track adaptation plan. This will guide you through the layout of the track, track line, DRS area and ideal braking point.

Once you load this program, you will see a series of doors appear at the entrance, vertex and exit of each turn. If you go through them, these doors will light up green, and if you go through them perfectly, they will light up purple.

Once you've mastered the basics, it's time to join in some competitive competitions. This is the most exciting part of Formula One, but it can be risky and it's hard to beat other cars.

The first thing to remember is that it is best to overtake on the straights of the track, because then you have the opportunity to increase the speed of your opponent.

When you gain more confidence, you can start overtaking before the turn, taking advantage of the opponent's need to slow down when turning. To do this, drive into the inside lane before the braking zone, and then brake later than your opponent to overtake.

In the beginner video, DRS is also introduced to you. When you pass through one of the established DRS zones within one second of another driver, DRS will increase your top speed by opening the flaps on the rear wing. This can provide you with the power you need to overtake and keep you at a distance from another car.

Another feature that can help you is the overtake button, which is a simplification of the ERS system in last year’s race. This can be useful if you are struggling to pass another vehicle. But be careful, regular use of it will drain your car battery. Without juice, you won't rush to overtake anyone, so use it wisely. One of the biggest challenges in

Formula One is rainy racing. Even the best F1 driver in the world can hardly do this. In rainy races, your visibility will be affected and it is easier to lose control of the car due to standing water on the track. The main strategy of

is to brake as early as possible, just like normal driving. If you encounter problems, you can activate traction control and anti-lock brake assist at any time.

With these tips, you should be able to become the champion of the 2020 F1 race. Codemasters will release more videos through your voice and provide more tips for beginners. Stay tuned for more news on F1 2020 on WePC.

F1 2020

F1 2020: Schumacher Deluxe Edition

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