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Mass effect andromeda system requirements

The release of Mass Effect Legend has been highly anticipated by fans, and it is finally released! The revised game trilogy is combined into one, and can be played on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Windows PC. Although older games are undergoing graphical improvements, these will not be innovative, and the trilogy will continue to be based on the same engine as before, so most machines should be able to run it. You can find a list of recommendations and minimum system requirements below.

If you don't know your PC specifications, please check our guide on how to find your PC specifications to see if your current machine can run games or if it needs to be updated. At the bottom of this page, we will also discuss the PC version that we think is the most suitable to play at the highest and lowest settings.

If you want to purchase the Legendary Edition of Mass Effect on PC or Xbox, be sure to visit Eneba to purchase the game at a discounted price near launch.

The Legend of Mass Effect is a revision of the original Mass Effect trilogy, mainly limited to graphics and texture improvements (still in Unreal Engine 3), although the first game has more substantial changes in firefights and user interface. The legendary version of the trilogy will contain almost all of the DLC that was originally purchased separately from the game.

For Mass Effect Legend to run at 1080p resolution on the lowest settings, we recommend using one of our $ 600 self-build PCs. If you really want to maximize resolution and graphics, a build device is recommended. of $ 1,000 or more.

If you don't really want to build your own computer, but prefer the pre-installed option, one of our under $ 800 computers will run Mass Effect Legends Edition on a lower 1080p setting. However, for higher settings and resolutions, you'd better choose as powerful as our $1,000 pre-built PC.

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