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Marvels guardians of the galaxy

"Mass Effect 5" (real name unknown) should be playable on two major next-gen game consoles, PlayStation 5 and Xbox SeriesX, and Windows PCs, but it remains to be seen if the game will launch on them at the same time. . Given the time before the game's release, we have not yet confirmed the game's system requirements, but we can make educated guesses. For current best estimates of recommended and minimum system requirements, see below, obviously these may change as the game's release nears.

If you are unsure about the features of the current version, check out our quick guide to learn how to find your PC specifications and compare them to the system requirements below. If it turns out that your current PC can't solve the problem, see the bottom of this page for tips on pre-installed and self-built PCs at different prices that can run games.

If you want to buy a copy of Mass Effect 5 near the launch, check Eneba for the best price of the game and more information.

Mass Effect 5 will continue the original trilogy storyline involving Commander Shepheard and the Andromeda incident. It remains to be seen who will control the players and the range of characters they will show (hope E3 2021 will understand this), but Liara T`Soni will definitely appear at least in some way. Looking forward to similar RPG elements to the previous game, the combat system is closer to Mass Effect Andromeda, although we also hope to see some major improvements.

As mentioned earlier, the following are only estimated system requirements pages, which may change as more information about the game approaches the release date.

Mass Effect 5 The lowest setting at 1080p resolution may require one of our $ 600 self-build features or similar features. For higher graphics settings, a $ 1,500 build of your own is what you need to get a hefty FPS, or if you plan to play higher resolution games as well, then a $ 2,000 build is your best option.

Obviously, while we strongly support building your own PC, not everyone is willing to do it. In this case, we also recommend placing one of our pre-builds under $ 800 to run the game at 1080p on the lowest settings, the $ 1,500 pre-build for the highest graphics settings at 1080p, and our pre-build of $ 2,000 to run the game. resolutions at higher settings.

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