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Marvels avengers first beta weekend review

After a long marketing campaign, several delays, and three weekend betas, the developer Square Enix Montreal is preparing to finally release its Marvel Avengers-based game. This is an action game featuring characters such as Iron Man, Hulk, Black Widow, and Ms. Marvel. The focus is on unlocking equipment, collecting resources, and performing cooperative missions. It's hard to say that they think this story will become the main attraction for players, or just a way to set up the game world and system, but this trailer mainly shows their new perspectives on these iconic characters. .

Judging from the beta version I have played, my impressions are mixed. I was pleasantly surprised by the decent combat action, especially when playing the Hulk or Ms. Marvel. I hope there will be more changes in the actions and feelings of different characters, but they have a lot in common, even if they are fun to play. Fighting against general-purpose robots over and over can be boring, so hope at least what happened to the boss can confuse things.

I think this dialogue is very lacking in wisdom and charm. It values itself very much, and all the characters seem very superficial. Hope that in the next game, they will begin to show more personality. Even if they don't want to take the action comedy route that MCU movies tend to take, I would be attracted to do something more interesting with the characters, but the early signs are that they are a bit boring.

I found something wrong with it, with some crashes, visual errors, and incorrect tasks. I hope this is not a problem in the release version of the game, and I will bring you the benefit of the doubt, because this is clearly marked as a beta version. See Danielle's extensive impressions of the Beta here for a more in-depth discussion and compare how your computer meets the system requirements here.

also has this full CG trailer, which is a lot of fun. The strange thing is that it shows both Captain America and Ms. Marvel on the screen at the same time, which is strange because according to the story we know so far, when Kamara Khan became Ms. Marvel, Captain America was already dead. Perhaps this means that he will be resurrected in some way.

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