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Marvels avengers beta running throughout august

All the controversy surrounding the Avengers title from Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics cannot be blamed for missing its beta and finally opening its digital door for PS4 players who pre-ordered the title over the weekend. Console game players can experience all six heroes in-game firsthand, though they pay more attention to Kamala Khan, Hulk, Black Widow, and Iron Man. So, if you're trying to determine if PC pre-orders are worth it. hard-earned money, or you just want to know if there will be another great predator-type player in the next few years, this is exactly what we think. hours of gaming experience. Beta

deals with a lot of content. The mission in the main story of the game is called "Reorganization", which clearly pays homage to the story of the 2004 Avengers comic. The story of Crystal Dynamics is replaced by more rhythms in the games. Civil War comics, but in the spirit of minimizing spoilers, we will discuss this in more detail when we get the full version of the game. After delving into the story mission for about two hours (if you skip a few goals it can be an hour and a half, we certainly don't), we can say that

is that these characters seem to draw more inspiration from their comic. books, not your bigwigs. Hollywood screen version. Thor speaks in a dramatic Shakespearean tone. Steve Rogers plays more leads than we see in movies, as does Tony Stark. In fact, it's just as eye-catching in the movies as it is in the comics.

provides additional depth to the characters, which fans of the comic will especially like, and those familiar with the characters from its hit series may be a bit confused at first. A good example is the partial opposition to the character's facial designs, which are clearly patterned, rather than the harsh beauty of Hemsworth or Evans. I say in part because the facial features of some characters still look a little ... wrong. Its facial design is very good, but the texture can sometimes seem a bit harsh. For example, in the beta's second story mission, a special edition scene from Kamala and the Hulk will definitely show some room for improvement.

At this stage, it's hard to judge whether the story itself can grab the audience's attention in the main mission of the entire game, although the character interactions we've seen so far will definitely whet our appetites. Kamala is a great fit for the Avengers reunion catalyst, though it remains to be seen that Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix plan to chase an inhuman tale in their traditionally ill-fated rabbit hole. Remember how that great inhuman TV show or inhuman comics completely replaced the XMen game when Marvel tried to transition in the summer of 2014? Not to do? Yes, that's because these two attempts were financially and creatively bombed. The idea of Inhuman is a great concept, but I don't want it to become the main content of the Marvel Avengers game direction, beyond its first expansion to the series. Maybe we're just eager to see a few mutants appear in this world, but that's another article.

As for the title of all the major games, you're lucky, it's actually fun, especially when played cooperatively. The melee combat of each of the six characters is different, but there are enough mechanics to give it a sense of depth. Due to her speed and mobility, the widow is particularly interesting, jumping over protected enemies to open to her allies,

ranged may require some work, even if potential ranged characters like Iron Man and Black Widow look a bit flat when set up . Their gameplay is like "keep your distance" style support and DPS type. This may be solved by one of the two locked skill trees for each character (only one is available for each character in the beta version), but it is unlikely that developers will release potentially powerful ranking builds in Mix it up just to show What is possible-we guessed it was a widow, if anyone, but like we said, it did not capture like melee combat. However,

Crystal Dynamics obviously took the time to give each character its own unique style, and I enjoyed my time with them. In fact, especially after scanning some comments about Hulk, this seems to be one of the areas where they seem to have not yet found a balance between the inspiration of the character and the gameplay using it, but it is still fun and playful.

The Hulk is an unconscious animal monster known for shouting "Smash" before crushing his enemies with any available weight, and his video game opponent plays this role well. His special abilities allow him to bounce back from the damage he dealt, making him the perfect

choice for a more tank-oriented profession, but there are comments that he's playing too solo, which is true when playing a story from a single player. . They feel very real missions, for example, fighting for the Hulk Beta story-centric missions without a team. I think this is the same for most tanks / characters in the game. However, when he becomes a member of the team, he will become the core of your squad.

uses his special ability to attract the hatred of nearby enemies and at the same time deal damage again. Your skill can make you stand your ground. Yes, this is a simple cycle, but if your team's enemy forces each of you to exert your own strength, it doesn't have to be more complicated in terms of the

gameplay mechanics of the character itself. Chapter

There are especially exciting things about each of your teams that know those specific skills (your character, skill or compilation of equipment), for me, it is Tunky Haruk, a weak flying enemy, camera had a black widow. Rewarding Hulk and iron man to back up Hulk and the iron man could be handled by a severe pistol longer than the gun for widows. It feels like you have an Avenger team working as a team, and that's what we want correctly?

Aspects of the abbreviation of the title want a more history approach title, but have a good piece for the game, but there is a reason why two can coexist, the game. Each character can configure four gears, and an artifact that provides an additional increase and statistical effect. My character has become the largest level, but the gear has begun to play a larger part of Place Lou when the time has passed, a specific mission is complete without classifying my power level, it is impossible (destination "score of Light and Warcraft ILVL to consider the world). Equipment hunting is definitely a great lover of the perfect item hunting to approve the compilation and the perfect element to approve the compilation remains some of the areas to solve the areas that still need to solve it. Destiny, Borlderland, or King of Jan Ludia Bro.

An odd area is that all installed elements are updated in different currencies, so there are many drops of different materials / currency that are collected, and can be overwhelmingly. In addition, it really was not able to benefit the gameplay to reduce your progress to reduce your progress to reduce your progress. Game banks will also be significantly smaller than you need to include, a part of the bank, six banks will be discarded a lot when hanging, there is a great possibility.

Other problems are desperately at the forefront of the title, as it will get the camera. He was caught repeatedly on the nearby walls and things, and when he was trying to block a specific enemy, I blinked a bit of the wrong enemy, and everything slowly slowed down his experience.

There are many errors that are expected in the beta version, but most of these are harmless (see below). The finalizer is ideal for the game (it will complete the entertaining fascinating meter and will execute the finisher for large damage), and the problem is one of the largest enemies or when it runs in nine characters. Of the 10 people, the character does not move, jumps to an invisible enemy that is next to what is attacked, and the goal will explode anyway. It is not a

or a game pause, but it takes a long time to build your amazing meter, so I can say honestly, and we can honestly say, we all perform the performance, I am putting it correctly. Before starting, the glass dynamics can not be corrected before protecting if Kink can be resolved.

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