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Marvels avengers beta deep dive

There has just been news about the test schedule for Square Enix’s upcoming Marvel Avengers game. This will be the first time players around the world have the opportunity to test this game. I think receiving this beta version is very important to understand how this game works. Many people are supporting this game, hoping that Marvel can launch a large-scale action game that can gather fans of comics and movies. We are a little anxious because even though this should be a partner on paper, so far, they have not impressed us. We will keep an open mind, but perhaps the developer Crystal Dynamics is facing an uphill battle.

IGN News, we heard that the beta will be staggered throughout August. Here are the key dates:

hasn't announced how long the beta will last, so if you want to experience the game before launch, jump to these dates now. We are still waiting for the final Avengers system requirements. If they are trying to coordinate a strong push for bookings through this beta, you may think they want to confirm these details.

Ahead of the beta, on July 29, they will host another "War Table" stream to get information on the exact content of the beta. We are not sure which roles can be used, how many levels or tasks will be included or what the general structure will be. Presumably, these are the details that will be discussed in the sequence.

So far, Crystal Dynamics simply said:

"We have created a beta version in such a way that you can experience most of the things that you will do in the full game. This means playing a story campaign of The Avengers missions to fight, experience heroes and world progress, and exploring the battle zone and DROP ZONES, we will discuss a new mission at the next war table on July 29. This beta is very rich, but it is only a small part of completing the game. "

We will keep you informed about any interesting developments in this game. I hope this is all great. For Marvel fans, this will be a very enjoyable title, but we're really not sure at this point.

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