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Remember that port from Mario 64 because it is illegal and nobody played it. Now Nintendo is fighting it with its lawyers? Well, it turns out that Nintendo's legal action isn't enough to prevent the thriving community of PC module makers from making their own changes and improvements to the Nintendo 64 classic. Port

itself was created for use without any emulator, which means you can theoretically download, install and play it from the EXE file, without needing to start and patch anything, such as Dolphin software, to get it to run. .

Also, when he was joking, Nintendo did not neglect its reaction when its games appeared on PC and were downloaded for free. Their attorneys began targeting websites and users who were directly responsible for creating or spreading game downloads, unsurprisingly, but once Pandora's Box was opened on the internet, it could no longer be closed. The

Mario 64 on the PC is also not a direct port. The game can run at a much higher resolution than the original version of the console and can support Ultra4K and even ultra-wide screen modes, including improved frame rates and controller support.

However, as we said, the modding community is now tweaking the game, introducing various third-party elements to drag the classic 64 into the modern gaming era, even if it defines its own gaming era.

You can download color change elements in the game, which makes possible limited ray tracing elements, you can integrate texture filtering, cheat, now thanks to the mod team you can download modern graphics texture packs in the gameplay (or real world textures) to make the game appear consistent with Super Mario Odyssey, rather than as dazzling as Nintendo 64.

This really shows the commitment of the modding community that they can create outdated graphics like Mario 64 that are consistent with modern games; let newcomers to the series enjoy the game's platforming masterpiece, instead of earning a reputation from young gamers Distracted by the "bad graphics" stuff.

You still have to ask "What's the next step?" As far as the PC port of Mario Games is concerned. We can be sure that there are some mod makers who are quietly making games like Mario Sunshine or Galaxy as their favorite projects, ready to launch them quickly, just like port 64, and then they will soon be received by Nintendo. The lawyer's attack. Nonetheless, I think it’s exciting to see the original talents of the PC gaming community work in the direction they like, and it will be interesting to see the next step in the diverse, talented and bizarre mod development world.

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