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Make a discord bot

One of the most interesting parts of Discord is sharing memes and emojis on your own server. The various jokes and characters that fill your server can be turned into their own visual language, helping to make the Discord server its own little community.

If you want to get into this kind of thing, the first stop is learning how to make humble smileys, also known as smileys. We have created a guide that tells you how to add and upload existing emojis to Discord, but this will focus on how you can create your own emojis.


When creating emoticons, you can use almost any software that allows you to create / save images, including free basic software, such as MS Paint (available for free with any Windows PC) or the old and reliable paint .net online software . More complex emojis may work better in more advanced software (such as Photoshop, Illustrator, or GIMP), although these programs are more complicated to use.

For the purpose of this guide, we will be using the Kapwing Discord emoji template, simply because it is specifically designed for making Discord emoticons, it is easy to use, and the basic version of the software is free. With Kapwing, any image you upload will automatically be adjusted to the 128x128 pixel format required by Discord.

If you are using other software, the basic steps below still apply, but their method of operation may be slightly different. The basic steps to make an emoji in any software are: upload the image, crop and edit the image, make sure it has the correct aspect ratio / size of the Discord emoji (128x128), export / save the edited image in a format file, make sure the size does not exceed 256KB, and finally upload the emoji to Discord.


You will notice that Kapwing has loaded a placeholder image, in this example womanyellingcat.jpg. You can delete it by clicking it and pressing the Delete key, or delete it by highlighting it from the "Layer" menu on the right side of the screen and pressing the trash can icon. After

is complete, click Upload in the upper left corner of Kapwing to upload the photo of the basic image you want. If it does not appear in the editor immediately, you may need to select it from the "Library" under "Upload".


First click on the picture. This should change the menu on the right to "Edit Image Menu". From it you can adjust, crop or delete the image. Our four goals are to click "Erase" and use the magic wand tool to remove most of the background, and use the erase tool to make up for the parts we missed. When using the magic wand, remember to click "Remove Pixels" after highlighting the area to remove. Click Done in the lower right corner when you are done. After this, we also use a cutting tool.

Note: After pressing Done and returning to the main studio editor screen, you may notice that Kapwing appears to have undone the edit you just made. Click the "copy" icon (similar to the top of another rectangle) above the thumbnail on the left (to the left of the trash can icon), and the newly copied image should show your changes.


Click the text icon at the top to add text, then select your background color on the right (you can keep it transparent if you prefer).

If you have multiple copies of the image displayed as different thumbnails on the left, delete the other images you don't want so that there is only one image. Multiple copies can be used to export a video file, but not a single image.

Finally, click on the export picture in the upper right corner, and voila! The next step is to upload the complete emoji to Discord-check our guide to learn how to do this.

In this guide, we just showed you how to make a simple single image emoji, but if you want, you can use Kapwing (and other software, although not that easy) to make a GIF emoji from a still image or video clip . Please click here to learn more.

This is our guide on how to make discordant gestures. We hope you like some creative memes and find it helpful to you. If you want to learn more about the Discord app, please check out some recommended articles that should be displayed next to this page, or better yet, check out our How to Use Discord page, which is a super guide to all of our content. How To Related Article. with Discord.

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