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If you're reading this article, you might have a good understanding of what Discord is. However, for those unfamiliar with the software, Discord is currently the largest free online VOIP program available. It became popular through sources like Reddit and gamers who needed a place to communicate after the death of IRC.

is now used worldwide for everything from YouTube parties to office chats. The discord really exploded in a way that no one imagined five years ago.

Due to the global popularity of Discord, we are now often asked common questions related to Discord. However, one of the most common methods is how to make a Discord robot. For this reason, this article will build on this question and explain exactly how to make a Discord bot and how to decide what it can and cannot do. If you don’t know yet, please refer to our article explaining what a Discord bot is to get a deeper understanding of the information we will provide you here.

With this in mind, let's take a look at what the Discord robot can do.

Considering that Discord is a free-to-use software application, to say the least, the number of built-in functions is considerable. However, one of our favorite features is to create a Discord bot that will continue to monitor the server while you are away. The

robot will act as your driver when other places are busy; we will call our robot Jeffrey. Keeping the server in maintenance and greeting people when they join is a very easy to program task that does not require a good technical understanding.

You can ask Jeffrey to greet people on arrival, play music for players on the server, chat moderately on channels, automatically post content, and more.

If you want to maintain a Discord server, but don't have time to sit down and do it yourself, this is a very useful tool.

Below is an extensive guide on how to make a Discord robot, how to enter a few commands, and how to test it afterwards. Chapter

Don't Talk Nonsense, Sneak In!

The first thing you need to do is get the two building blocks needed to start and run the Discord robot. Obviously these are Discord and Node.JS, a free and open source JavaScript runtime. You will need it to program your robot functions, etc.

If you haven't gotten Discord, download it from their website and create a user account. You can do the same by visiting the node.js site, which can be found here.

After installing the two applications, restart the PC and continue with the next step.

Note: You also need some type of text editor, such as Notepad, to be able to code.

After installing the two programs, the first step in making Discord Robot is to create it.

This is a fairly simple process. It requires you to visit the application tab in Discord. You can follow this link. The purpose here is to get an authorization token for the robot so that Discord can recognize your code and add it to the robot on the server.

After opening the link above, click on the "New Application" tab. Name the robot and click Create.

On the left, you will see a menu, select the "Bot" tab. In this tab, you must select the "Add robot" button.

Now that we have created the robot, we need to obtain its authorization token. This allows you to code the robot and provide it with the necessary commands to run it. The

token is unique to your robot, so don't give the code to anyone else. No, unless you want them to change the robot's behavior.

To generate a token, you need to stay on the "Bot" tab and find the token section, which is usually located in the buildabot section below the username.

After you find it, select the "Click to show token" link, which will generate your token immediately.

Now we need to send the created robot (Jeffrey in our case) to the desired server.

There are several steps required here. This may be the most difficult part of the whole process, so please follow the steps strictly.

First look for the "General Information" tab of the application. Below the name, you should see the CLIENT ID and a long number.

Now, get the following link:

and replace the word "CLIENTID" with the application client ID we just copied.

The new URL should look like this:

Copy this link to your browser and click Enter. The window that opens should ask you to log into your account. After logging in, you will see your bot and some options to add bots to selective servers that you have the correct permissions for.

After selecting the server where you want to add the robot, click Authorize. When you join the Discord server, you will know if it is valid. You will see your robot in the user list on the right.

After adding the robot to your server, it is best to create a folder for the robot on the Windows desktop. All bot files will be stored here, I suggest calling it DiscordBot, or something very attractive.

The next part is where we start to create the robot file. You will first open Notepad and enter the following text:




You need to find your robot token from step 3 and copy it into the text saying “ EL your robot token is here"

It should look like this.

Name if you want.

When you finish, save this file as package.json in the Discord Bot folder.

The next step is basically the most important. It is a file that controls the bot operation. To make the most of your Bot at this stage, you must understand JavaScript. But if you want a bot that simply celebrates people entering the channel, the next step is fine.

Open the notepad and copy the text in the next step .

The Windows Command Robots must be accessed. The easiest way to do this is right-click on the blank area in the BOT folder while holding higher. Then click Open at the command prompt. Press the

or Windows + R key, then enter CMD in the field and click Enter.

Then you will enter "CD".

This is a place to use nodes.js that we have installed quickly. At the System Symbol, next to the Discord Bot Folder Route, enter "NPM Install Winston-Save". This will automatically install the files required directly to the BOT folder.

And that's almost no. Run the Bot and enter "Node Bot.js" at the system symbol. Even so, check that it is within the range of the BOT folder path of discord.

, then return to the discord server and enter a command to test the bot. Hello chat. If everything was done, it works well. At this stage you will enjoy the great response message of the bot.

There is a base to create an incorrect bot. We know that we should not be more detailed on the coding side of things, but do not worry.

So far, this is all you need to start. Check if you can play some commands playing a bit with an incorrect bot. Otherwise, our discrepancies coding items come back when they live, has everything there!

If you have questions about suspicious hearts, see the recommended items with this page or review the best articles.

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