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One franchise that seems very suitable for large-scale MMORPGs is undoubtedly Magic and its popular collectible card game. We're lucky because this is exactly what Perfect World and Cryptic Studios did with Magic: Legends.

Word of a Magic: The Gathering MMO has been circulating in the gossip for some time, and Cryptic Studios confirmed that it was working on an untitled title at the time. Fast forward to the 2019 Game Awards and we saw the game and a proper title for the first time, but unfortunately, there is no set release date.

Perfect World and Cryptic Studios plan to conduct a beta testing phase sometime in 2020, showing that development is advanced enough to allow potential players to join as soon as possible. Similarly, the mid-to-late period of 2020 is a potential window, and the full launch shouldn't be too far off.

Platform-wise, Magic: Legends will launch on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, further supporting the idea that the game will be released next year before the official launch of the next-gen console.

Magic: Legends has a single movie trailer, which will be shown at the Game Awards in December 2019.

This is a very standard fantasy work. It briefly introduces what to expect, including gray-haired wizards with thin purple eyebrows, ferocious werewolves, griffins, giant arachnids, wide vision, castles, magic, and a seemingly uneven battle between a wizard. and a group of troll creatures.

Unfortunately, the trailer does not appear to show any game screen, so we do not know the actual workings of the MMO yet.

Ready, stuttering a bit. Magic: Legends is a massively multiplayer online action RPG. Think World of Warcraft, but more mature and set up in World of Magic, you have a decent idea of how it should be played.

Perfect World and Cryptic Studios stated that players will play the role of a planeswalker who wields a spell in a world based on the iconic Magic blueprint. As per the motto, it is expected to bring immersive emotions and experiences to the fictional magical multiverse.

As far as we know, you can enter Magic: The Gathering: Legends alone, or you can team up with up to two other players to form a planeswalker squad. As for the overall narrative, your mission is to save the multiverse from a new and extremely powerful and threatening threat, because these things happen so frequently. There are five types of planeswalkers to choose from. Throughout the game, you can freely jump from one to another.

Like any value-for-money MMORPG, Magic: Legends will allow players to collect and customize spells to control the battlefield as they see fit.

By visiting the official Magic: Legends website, you can subscribe to the beta version and add your email to the mailing list of the Magic: Legends newsletter, which will provide a beta date at an undisclosed point in the future .

Whether we need another MMORPG is debatable, but one is set in the vibrant world of Magic: the assembly is fun and enough to arouse our interest. With next year’s beta testing and exciting trailers to help us, we should soon be able to experience all the charm of Magic: Legends.

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