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Mafia definitive edition specs and requirements revealed

Most people have known about it for a while, but finally officially confirmed that the entire Mafia trilogy game will be relaunching this year, suitable for Xbox One, PS4 and PC,

has amazing new visuals and gameplay Matches the title of the repost. . The first game in the

trilogy, Mafia, was very popular when it was first released and will now be fully updated and rebuilt. This means that the graphics, engine and gameplay of the original game will be updated in 2020, it will work well on PS4 and it will look like a modern game.

The first mob took place in the fictional town of Lost Paradise in the 1930s, where the player played the role of Tommy Angelo, a taxi driver who was driven into a cruel crime inhabited by the Italian Underworld mob. The game is inspired by popular movies like "The Good Guy" and "The Godfather", and is more serious than other similar games at the time (like Grand Theft Auto). Fans of the original

will be happy to know that the remake will be true to the original, while also featuring expanded elements of the game and includes original musical scores and of course updated and modern

graphics. Original

fans have something to look forward to in the updated version of the game, and newcomers to the series will be happy to find a fascinating story to learn more about, especially if they are fans of the mobster genre. Mafia One Remake will be on sale August 28, 2020.

Unlike the Mafia Definitive Edition, the Mafia trilogy will only see the second batch of updated graphics and HD textures, rather than a full overhaul. However, this shouldn't stop players from enjoying this sequel based on all the ideas from the original. If you don't get a chance to "Mafia 2" for the first time, then this is a must for console gamers to enjoy the classics. Good opportunity to launch.

In addition, the game will be bundled with all DLCs originally released for Mafia 2, including Joe’s Adventure, Jimmy’s Revenge, and Jimmy’s Betrayal. Occurring between the mid-1940s and the early 1950s, "Mafia 2" continued the theme established in the first game. The player became an American Sicilian immigrant serving the Mafia family. There was no fault. Now you can buy it, just like Mafia 3.

Although the re-release of Mafia 3 as part of the Mafia trilogy has not changed much, we are happy to hear that Mafia 3 will be released in its entirety, including all DLC as part of the main game, just like Mafia 2 Like Definitive Edition, it is now available for download.

Unlike previous games, "Mafia 3" introduces players to the first black protagonist of the Mafia franchise. Lincoln Clay (Vietnam War veteran) returned to his hometown of New Bordeaux in the 1960s, where he dealt with black people. , Haiti, Italy and Ireland thugs.

Game developers wanted to get rid of the traditional Italian-American portrayal of thugs, so they chose to push the game in a new direction. Released only in 2016, the relaunch will give players the opportunity to catch up on the entire Mafia franchise at a convenient price and have immediate access to all DLC.

Do you want to kill yourself the Mafia trilogy? Or maybe you've already played and want to share your thoughts on the post? Please let us know in the comments below.

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