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The 2K game announced that it announced that the plan to free the mafia is a decisive version of August. This has delayed the release of one month to September. The new release date is September 25, and will exhibit this abundant game of rehusions game this month on July 22. It was meant to complete the launch of the trilogy of the mafia because the "definitive version" of the second and third games is already out.

The reason why this delay occurred was the description.

"Plaçamos launched a game a month before August 28, but the Covid19 pandemic, and the last thing we want to do with the release date is dangerous."

is probably related to the transition to work from home, it is no doubt that this delay is delayed more than the suffering of problems

"The last we want to compromise the quality of experience" is that we especially have the line of the Eyebrows that 2K has done it exactly with other recent versions of the mafia.

When they announced the mafia trilogy as a combination of Remake remake, second and re-registration of the third, it seemed an unusual strategy. I will consider other examples of emitters that give this type of liberation. Usually, we have a collection, a set of remakes, a reference or a series of reelesis, but there is a trilogy of the mafia, but each one has one.

Unfortunately, they were actually affecting the quality of the experience.

It is difficult to consider this remake delay of the Remake of the first remake of the game in the context of these technical disadvantages of trilogy. Is this remake delayed to see what errors and failures? Maybe you have, and probably the goal is to make sure this is not suffering from the same destination as the other two Saburo games. 2K issued both the Mafia 2: Defremitivive edition and Mafia 3: Patch of final edition, but it is far from smoothing to smooth completely.

Or maybe he says that many reading too much and the delay says that his statement is. Both methods ensure that 2K is working on Mafia II updates. . Three games available for modern players was wonderful to have all the technically healthy collections.

During that time, there is a short mafia video clip: the final version is just showing this promotional clip if this promotional clip exists.

I finished a finger. Certainly, we are really remaining, this is actually rehaus, the tone of the game, the establishment and the original atmosphere, but no longer seems a game of 2002.

We continue to update saga of the Liberation of Mafia Miwa's problem as it Develop.

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