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After waiting for another Luigi game for six years, Nintendo finally released what we wanted through Luigi's Mansion 3. This is good news for fans of the little-known Plumber Brothers. In this new game, we also have the opportunity to explore the haunted house with Luigi.

Nintendo announced at E3 2019 that "Luigi's Mansion 3" will be released on Nintendo Switch on October 31, Halloween, which is a very appropriate decision for haunted hotel games. The release date is a few weeks before the release of Nintendo Switch Lite, but since new handheld consoles can still play existing Switch games (as long as they have a handheld mode), you'll be able to play there as well.

Pre-order Luigi's Mansion 3

The first Luigi's Mansion 3 trailer we got didn't reveal much, but it definitely got fans excited about the next version.

Fortunately, when E3 2019 rolled around, we took a closer look at some of the games that we can get from the game. We can see some upgraded weapon options, like "Poltergust G00", which can help you defeat the ghosts that haunt the hotel. We also saw "Gooigi" for the first time, which is a catchy version of Luigi that can help you through the long night.

GamesCom 2019 provides us with a 30 minute game trailer for us to enjoy. It has single and multiplayer modes, as they progress through levels with the theme of hotel gardens. The gameplay does give the audience a chance to become familiar with the new game. You can check it out below.

Finally, in the Nintendo Direct storefront, we checked the game again before the release date. They revealed that there will be a new multiplayer game mode that allows 28 players to play games on the same console and let us preview some levels that can be played. Check out the trailer below.

This year is an important year for Nintendo. There are many great exciting games on the release list, and Luigi's Mansion 3 is there. We look forward to another chance to explore the haunted mansion with the little plumber. But what about you? Will you buy it when the game launches? (Alternatively, you can book here) Let us know in the comments below.

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