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Logitech mx518 legendary review

Given that we are on the verge of a new generation of gaming consoles, and both Sony and Microsoft are moving towards a new generation, now is a good time to reflect on how this change will work on the PC.

Strictly speaking, when looking at multiple generations of games, the PC is in constant generational transition and has never really changed. On the one hand, we see new PC hardware and components being released regularly, and the hardware has been making progress. On the other hand, games from decades ago can still be played on the latest computer systems, usually with significant enhancements and graphical enhancements.

However, some games may crash. Due to changes to the underlying hardware or changes made by Microsoft to the Windows operating system, we can see that the game cannot be fully played or that at least some major bugs and glitches will not affect the game. when launched. Microsoft cancelled support for the Securom DRM solution in Windows 10, resulting in all games using it no longer being playable, and no fan-made tools were used to remove DRM from the game.

Beloved space science fiction RPG, Bioware's Mass Effect has always been one of the main error games played on modern computer systems. Specifically, the first game of the series was originally released on PC in 2008. In the graphical glitch that affects certain areas of the game, playable characters and party members will be replaced by black pixel veils. The game can still run and play normally, but this visual glitch is obviously not ideal and destroys the immersion.

This error first affected users of Bulldozercore-based AMD processors, but it also affected newer Ryzen processors. Since there is no official re-production or re-release, this makes many gamers feel frustrated and boring, unable to play Mass Effect without suffering some very serious visual glitches. This is especially disappointing, because old games like this should work flawlessly on more powerful modern systems.

Perhaps, if this is not a beloved game, the story could have ended there, but people are very interested in fixing this game. Eventually led to a brave module maker to spend time researching the code to see if he could find a solution of interest.

A module maker named Silent, known for repairing games such as Yakuza Kiwami 2, The Wonderful 101: Remastered, Deus Ex: Human Revolution: Director's Cut and various Grand Theft Auto games, has now diverted his attention Force mass effect. On his blog, he explained how this relates to the outdated aspects of DirectX that the game is based on, which is built to optimize performance rather than precision at the time:

"With this in mind, we review the theoretical error Behind it: —There is no question that the game is too sensitive to problems, but through further testing, it appears that D3DX can be written with quick math in mind, while DirectXMath may be more concerned with precise calculations. This makes sense - —D3DX is a product of the 2000s, and it is completely reasonable to write performance as the top priority. DirectXMath has the "luxury" of late design, so you can focus more on precise and deterministic calculations.

If you want to learn more about the technical aspects of the problem and the process involved in developing this solution, please read the full blog post that explains the error in detail . Or, if you just want to get the patch to enjoy the game, download it here. The installation is very simple, you only need to unzip the files included in the download in the installation directory of the game, and you can immediately use the Steam or Origin version of the game.

It is good news to see that a game that was broken for many users has now been fixed. A part of the game's history has been preserved, and people can now play and enjoy Mass Effect without having to deal with this issue. Whether you are a new player diving into this world for the first time or a fan of the series who wants to revive his roots.

This module and all other modules maintained by Silent are completely free, but if you want to thank him for his work, it's on Patreon.

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