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The legend is back, starting in 2004, the same outstanding design now uses the latest gaming technology.

Today is our reunion with your favorite FPS gaming mouse, the Logitech Mx518 Legendary. Nostalgia in the office is high right now, and we can't wait to see what the latest version of the old fan favorite has to offer. Most people will be glad to know that Logitech has retained the exact same shape and design that many people loved in 2004. The only difference in design is that the logo has been changed from the old school Logitech seal to the latter. G that we all know now. However, this is the similarity, the recently upgraded Mx518 version is equipped with HERO Optical, which is considered to be the best optical sensor available.

First impressions indicate that this will be an excellent mouse. I am a big fan of MX518 and used it for many years in my CounterStrike 1.6 and before it took over sponsorship, which was called the origin of the goto gaming mouse by many people. That being said, we sat down to test the new MX518 Legendary to see if it can stand up to the competition.



Mouse size and weight

Technical mouse

Like the design, Logitech tried to keep the packaging as simple as possible by using a matte gray case and a striking electric blue appearance. Inside, you'll find reinforced cardboard surrounding the MX518's legendary plastic casing. The cables are neatly bundled, eliminating any kinks, and everything is fixed in place according to the user manual. They are all very typical of Logitech.

Due to the popularity of the MX518 Original, the Logitech staff decided to keep the exact same shape and size for the legendary in-demand. They describe the new MX518 as a "legend of rebirth", and you certainly won't disagree. However, with the growing popularity of small gaming mice (Logitech G Pro and Razer Abyssus V2), the MX518 is considered large, similar to mice like the Zowie Fk1 + and Razer Lancehead TE. For me, the design has been and always will be super comfortable and brings me great nostalgia when wearing it. The thumb slot feels absolutely perfect and is in the perfect position to enhance comfort. Also, it reminds me that the hump on the Zowie EC1B feels very comfortable when using palms and legs. I use a hybrid claw grip and the mouse is "nestled" in my palm, giving it a greater sense of control. The hump slopes slightly towards the 2 main mouse buttons, using a classic right-to-left tilt design, which takes ergonomics into account and can handle tasks well. One controversial area of the MX518 and its legendary iteration design is the ridge on the right side, where the ring finger and little finger meet, as we all know some people will be uncomfortable. I have never experienced any discomfort, but I think it all depends on the shape of your hand and the way you hold it. The texture has the same polished finish as the original, and everyone will be familiar with the gradient tones of the black to gray color scheme. Don't forget the flash effect. The side panels are made of high quality plastic with a subtle rough matte finish, which really helps increase grip. The

Legendary weighs 101 grams (5 grams lighter than the previous generation) and has excellent weight distribution, right in the center of the palm. When using the MX518 game, the perfectly balanced feeling of the mouse really creates the idea of full control. Logitech took FPS players into account when designing the previous version, and by keeping the same design, it can be said to be the same here. However, they adjusted the weight to allow for longer playtime without putting too much pressure on the wrists and arms. Its shadow measures over 5 '' (13cm) long and 3 '' (7.3cm) wide, exceeding the magical 2/1 ratio. However, the MX518's design has no effect because it is widely regarded as one of the most prominent designs. The comfortable mouse of the last 15 years. All in all, MX518 Legendary still has all the charm and charm of the legend itself, but it has reduced the weight to try and accommodate today's standards. The

Mx518 is equipped with 8 programmable buttons, which can be customized with the Logitech G Hub or LGS to program your favorite commands, links, and macros. The 2 main mouse buttons are built into the main mouse case, not separated. These switches are Omron switches with a 20 million click lifespan, have an excellent tactile feel, and require moderate pressure to activate. In other words, most mice released in recent years have a life span of 50 million clicks. However, I really like the feel of the buttons. The feedback you get from each click has a satisfying sound, but it's definitely underestimated. They have a gentle slope and the classic polished finish feels great. The thumb buttons feel the same as their predecessors. If you remember the old thumb buttons, you will remember that they have a subtle soft feel, and the new version is no exception. The trigger points of the thumb buttons are very deep, and I find this useful because it prevents you from accidentally pressing them. There are 3 DPI buttons located above and below the scroll wheel. DPI rises, falls, and resets. They work well, but my recommendation is to use them in games.

The scroll wheel is the only button I will consider changing. These steps are too sensitive and the whole thing feels a bit cheap. But it works well, and if you don’t need the precision between each step, you will be happy to know that it feels exactly the same as the original. The people at

Logitech decided to abandon the popular thin and light plastic braided cable, which not only feels great, but also hardly requires bungee jumping. However, it is worth mentioning that we paired the mouse with the Razer Bungee and installed it without any problems. The lightweight design helps the cable slide on most surfaces without resistance or wear. The cable is covered in plastic, which feels good but not spectacular. They equipped the MX518 with a 2.1m cable with a standard USB connection.

Like most Logitech products today, when you connect your mouse to a PC for the first time, you must download the latest form of Logitech product software. Although this may seem inconvenient to you, you will be happy to know that Legendary comes with its own built-in memory and can save up to 5 configuration files. How does this help consumers? Well it's very simple, create whatever configuration files you want and save them to your MX518. Once this is done, you no longer need to load the software, because everything has been saved in the brain of the mouse. In short, the Logitech G Hub may be the best product software on the market. Super easy to use, very easy to use and hassle free.

When Logitech released the new and improved MX518 Legendary, they were quoted as saying that they wanted the design to be as close to the original design as possible, and this is what they did. If it weren't for the new logo and new gradient color scheme, you would definitely think this is the 2005 MX518. However, this is the similarity. Under the casing of this fan-favored design, Logitech’s best sensor so far, Optical HERO, has a true 16,000 dpi function, a capture rate of 17,000 frames per second, and 400 IPS in the entire range of 10016000 dpi. above. I have conducted a dedicated test on this mouse for nearly a week. The sensor must be a prominent feature for me. It can track perfectly and can have zero smoothing, filtering or acceleration. Now, combine this outstanding sensor with a truly outstanding design, ergonomically suitable for most hand shapes and holding methods, and you have created a truly outstanding gaming mouse. I think that equipping the new MX518 with the latest HERO sensor not only highlights the greatness of the original design, but is also suitable for today’s competitive gaming market. It will be interesting to see how many high-level players decide to choose this today.

In order to get to the details quickly, the switch was developed by Omron and has a lifespan of 20 million clicks. It can be said to be decent but not the best. Polling rate is the standard configuration of most high-end gaming mice, 1000hz and 400+ IPS. The connection is USB wired as described above, and it seems to work very efficiently. This mouse is primarily designed for FPS gamers, but can be customized for other styles of play as well. The lift distance is set to 1 CD, but can be optimized with Logitech's LGH product software. There is no RGB for this, but I won't lose sleep over it.

So what do we make of the long-awaited return of the mighty MX518? Well, it's really simple, if you like the original version of this mouse, then you will love this new and improved model. Legendary was designed with all the old favorite charms in mind, but it has been improved with the latest gaming technology, making it one of the best new mice today. This mouse feels great, you can thank the ergonomic design for this, my overall FPS goal is to use my favorite mouse (Razer Abyssus + Logitech G Pro), and it is difficult to decide which future to use in the game . All in all, if you want a high-performance gaming mouse that makes you feel at home in any environment, and you like the design of the Legendary MX518, then this mouse is your best choice. The

legend is back, the same excellent design as in 2004 now uses the latest gaming technology.

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