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Logitech g603 wireless mouse review

Logitech arrived at the desk with ergonomic delight, the G703 is simple in design but excellent in performance.

With the G703 wireless mouse, Logitech designed an ergonomic dark horse. G703 has the same Lightspeed wireless technology as G903 and G Pro, and its 1ms report rate is impressive. G703 is ergonomically designed and suitable for right-handed use. My palm fits perfectly with the shape of this mouse. It is really comfortable and the 107 gram weight is very easy to use on the mouse pad. This is Logitech's first wireless mouse to support Powerplay wireless charging. If the G903 is a bit pricey, it can provide a budget relief for right-handed gamers. The

G703 feels and looks like an upgraded version of the G403. It is essentially the same mouse, but the wireless connection has been improved. Its handling is also very similar, and the mouse is very easy to adapt.

It is equipped with a PMW3366 sensor, we have tested it on other mice and it is again flawless. The price of the mouse is about £ 80 / $ 80, which makes its price similar to the G900, but since the G703 is designed for the right hand, I prefer its field mile. If you're looking for a technically good ergonomic mouse, or want to use a Powerplay mouse pad while saving some money in the process, then the G703 is a great competitor.



Mouse Size and Weight

Technical Mouse

The Logitech mouse does not have a thick card case or cloth label. It is packaged in a simple and unobtrusive box and exudes features like Logitech products.

Inside you will get:

I'm testing a completely black G703, when I said it's like G403 Prodigy, I'm not kidding, they look exactly the same. This is a medium-sized mouse, but I have to say that when it's actually smaller (2mm), the raised body makes this mouse feel slightly larger than the Razer Mamba. The size fits the shape of my hand very well, and the way I naturally hold it on the palm adapts to the slopes and grooves of the shell. It is long enough (12.4 cm) and wide enough (6.8 cm) to prevent my hands from touching the desktop while playing games. It is very comfortable in size and still light enough to adapt to other grips, although players with claw grips and finger grips may feel a little tired. The

weighs 107 grams and will not break your wrist. If you need to, you can also choose to add 10 grams of weight. It is worth noting that if you want to make this mouse heavier, you cannot use the wireless charging function on the Powerplay pad. G703 seems to be everyone's (right-handed) mouse. As long as your hands are not particularly small, I don't see anyone having any problems with the feel of this mouse. The

G703 has a simple appearance and an ergonomically designed shell, which is impressive.

It has a very attractive shape. My thumb is wedged into the groove like a glove. I can comfortably place my ring finger and little finger on a broad slope. The "hump" of the body is cautious, sitting on the palm of my hand, there is a nice slope from right to left. As mentioned earlier, its shape is similar to G403, but G603 has the same indistinguishable shape and design. The body of the mouse is very sturdy and sits slightly higher in the palm of the hand than other mice. It tapers on the side of the thumb and tapers down on the main button, allowing the index and middle fingers to sit comfortably. The main button begins to bend vertically towards the middle of the mouse, creating a space like a human being for the mouse wheel. The

's case is made of smooth matte plastic, just like the one on the G Pro. When I apply pressure to different areas of the mouse, it doesn't move at all. Unlike the G603, the main mouse buttons are separate from the rest of the case. I like this because it feels more reliable, and although I suspect there is a significant difference in performance, I like it better. There are rubber textures on both sides of the mouse instead of extra grip pads. The shiny rubber texture keeps your handle close to the mouse while increasing comfort. In the course of a long game, the mouse texture seems to be able to avoid sweat, even in low-sensitivity games, I have never lost control of the mouse. The

main buttons remind me of G Pro because of a simple fact: clicking on them quickly feels great, and they make a very good sound. They have low actuation and use the same switches as G903, and their service life is up to 50 million times. There are 2 thumb buttons on the side of the G703, they are smooth and big, but I never accidentally pressed them. The thumb button once felt sturdy and responsive, but also easy to click. There's a textured rubber wheel on the top of the mouse with a thin RGB strip running through it, giving it a bit of charm. The touch wheel won't let you scroll infinitely like the G900 / 903, but it is quieter and stronger. There is a DPI switch button behind the scroll wheel, which is great, but I would like to see 2 smaller buttons that allow me to move up and down faster. It is worth noting that there are only 6 buttons on this mouse that cannot be customized. Finally, at the bottom, there is an on/off switch that sinks into the base. The

G703 is equipped with the highly regarded PMW3366 sensor and the same switch as the G903. I expected similar quality performance and was not disappointed. PMW3366 sensor is very sensitive and accurate, you can

The range of 12000 dpi.

The follow-up was excellent, and if it were tracing with the cross or tracking with snapshots between two objectives, no problem occurred. Personally, I like Rival sensors 650 Tureemove3, but this was a solid sensor, and I was able to play a game every day. While executing CSGO, I realized that I had Microodust it was very difficult for long distance faucets, but this seems to be the highest for me who is not used to the weight of G703. I did not see Jitter as he zoomed and approached with a faster movement and a faster movement. After combining the constant precision of the sensor adapted to the mouse, it was combined with the ergonomic, it did not feel like a new mouse, use it during the moon, it was something like that. If you use the tuning of the area of Logitech`s with software, I could not say that I could not say honestly, but it would not be possible to say that it did not say anything I can say. . G703 is done as expected as expected, it is brilliant and can be satisfied with this mouse despite its style of grip and priority type of game. The mouse

is wirelessly connected to the receiver with a 2.4 GHz connection and is done without dives. Now, the G703 has LIGHTED technology developed by LightSpeed technology developed by Logitech, and is characterized by LIVEED technology developed by Logitech. The purpose of LightSpeed is to eradicate the need to offer an offer player a wireless mouse. This technology, ultimately provides a 1MS report rate and final optimized connectivity, and you can really notice the difference in the ability to respond to a mouse with cable.

Workforce for approximately 2 hours to load, if the lighting power is turned off, play with a vivid RBG or 32-hour decreased lighting, the G703 will last 24 hours. If you want if you wish, you can use the LGS settings to create an efficient colorful hybrid. The rechargeable lipolymer battery appears firm, but as has PMW3366, it does more than the hero sensor, so if you do not take care of RGB, please, please! Before I had to drag the charging cable, I was able to do 23 days of work / game. The cable is braided, but the length is approximately 1.8 meters, and if you have to return to the "wired", you are sitting on the mouse if you return to now. The exciting function at

G703 was compatible with the new Logicool PowerPlay Mouse platform. This new mouse pad presented attractive themes of wireless rechargeable mice and innovative solutions for battery life! The new PowerPlay Mouse Pad connects to the desktop and loads the total time of the mouse pad (even if it is played). This is something really great about this is the fact that he won. This will recharge the mouse again, so there are no more cables. PowerPlay comes with a small circular package (PowerCore) similar to that when the exchange connects to a new pad and load. Because 'PowerCore` is the weight of 5 grams, this mouse is so heavy because you are for a normal mouse pad for you.

The Logitech`s Game Software and its new "GHUB" are really intuitive, and I consider them good software for many other manufacturers. The software can change different DPI options default, and you can switch between the DPI buttons and the change between them. You can configure a variety of profiles for different games, create a macro, change the RGB lighting effect, or simply turn them off completely. The software can monitor the duration of the mouse battery and can synchronize the G703. PowerPlay can enable the integrated lighting program.

G703 was an effective instant rubber, so it was much better than I imagined so far, but it is easy to use early and judge the mouse. It is (like me) and when you paired your ergonomics with the highest quality sensor, it makes this mouse difficult to protect the mouse. It was very comfortable that he was murdered or fatigue with my hand. The foot / skating is large enough to provide enough friction movement, and the switch was significantly better than G603. If you are partial at the £ 100 / $ 100 additional for the PowerPlay mouse pads, or there is no value for the investment. This right monster can be considered if you want a valuable mouse that can be used for general games and you want star performance with impressive wireless features.

Logitech comes to the table with ergonomic joy, but G703 is easy to design, but performance is fatal.

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