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Logitech G502 HERO is an update to the groundbreaking G502, this mouse has changed the way people look at Logitech mouse design. Although it has a nice improvement over the previous version, it still has some shortcomings in some cases.

Logitech may be one of the biggest names in the surrounding industry. As far as I can remember, they have been providing excellent mice, keyboards, headphones, speakers, and almost everything you can think of related to peripherals. Today, we will see an update to the classic Logitech mouse that was first released more than five years ago. This new version appeared on the table, offering exactly the same shape and design as the original, but with some updated features and a shiny new sensor. This is Logitech G502 HERO.

Like many of Logitech's best mice, the G502 has now been updated as well. However, just like the Logitech MX518 Legendary has no design changes, neither does the G502 HERO. This is a case, if you don't need it, why spoil a completely valid shot, enter the scene.

Although the appearance of the original G502 is classic and relevant to today's market, gaming performance is unfortunately not the case. Fortunately, to the delight of many G502 fans, Logitech adopted its latest HERO optical sensor in the G502 update. This allows you to develop quickly with today's standards.

We will learn about design, function, performance and value for money in the following guide. So, let's stop wasting time and jump.



Mouse technology

The Logitech box is fairly basic, with a picture of the Logitech G502 HERO on the front and some information on specs and features on the back. Several layers of protective plastic are provided inside to make the G502 difficult to damage, even if it is dropped during transport.

When the original G502 debuted, it was revolutionary for Logitech because it introduced an unprecedented period of innovative design for its brand. G502's edgy, angular and button packaging immediately became a consumer classic.

So when we got the G502 HERO and noticed that Logitech didn't make any design changes at all, we were a bit disappointed, but not surprised.

Let's kick the elephant out of the room first, this thing is so heavy! I don't mean heavy, because it's not like the upcoming wave of ultra-light gaming mice. I mean, it uses 121 grams out of the box, and you can add an extra 18 grams of weight. Even starting with the Logitech MX518 (a mouse weighing about 100 grams), this still feels like an absolute brick. The size of

is also quite unique. Compared with other mice that currently exist, this is a fairly large gaming mouse. Due to its longer design and wide casing, it is certainly more suitable for broad-minded users. However, one thing that bothers me about this mouse is that it feels thin during gaming. I would have liked to see Logitech add a bit of width to the body of the G502 HERO to make it easier for the big boys to use (the target market for the G502 HERO).

As mentioned above, the Logitech G502 hasn't changed much in design since the first generation and still offers the same rugged and angular beauty. This is the first time it has become popular.

If you haven't seen Batman Mouse before, and I like to call him that, where have you been in the last five years? It is known for its cutting edge gaming aesthetic. The mouse case has a flat aesthetic design and looks great, separated by a soft plastic sheet in the middle. Speaking of which, Logitech has incorporated matte plastic into the main part of the case, while using the aforementioned glossy plastic strip to separate each part. All the buttons have a glossy plastic finish, which looks nice, but it's easy to get oil stains and fingerprints. The

mouse's main switch has a gentle slope that fits your fingers well. They taper towards the front of the mouse and end at a point separated by a cable in the middle. The switch on the left is equipped with two buttons and is well used in games. However, they have been programmed for DPI control immediately, and we will solve this problem soon. The

side handle has a subtle micro-grip design, which, to be honest, doesn't really provide a lot of grip. The coating of ROCCAT Kone Pure Ultra (for example) has stronger adhesion and is easier to handle. The rollers are made of carefully cut notched metal and are easy to use.

Overall, the design of this mouse is great! If you like the original version, you will obviously like the new variant because it is exactly the same. Spiky, edgy and fully functional, what else do you want from design?

Next is the button. While this isn't one of the biggest selling points the G502 HERO offers, it should be. It is equipped with 11 reassignable buttons that can be modified in the Logitech G HUB software package.

I must say that these are probably some of the most beautiful buttons I have had the privilege of using in a while. They just think they are doing well. Starting with the two main clickers, I immediately realized that I would not have any questions about them. They have good tactile properties and require very little pressure in actual use. It can activate the mouse button from the bottom of the switch,

In terms of games, this is another great feature. Again these feel tactile and responsive when used. The two DPI buttons on the

left clicker face the front of the mouse, which means that people with small hands may have a difficult time making full use of these buttons. Also, because they sit on the edge of the clicker, they feel a bit brittle. I feel like if I push them hard enough, they might break. But so far, no such incident has occurred. The

scroll wheel is one of the best features of this mouse for me, and it feels great. Its metal design feels very sturdy, in stark contrast to the overall design of this mouse. Below the scroll wheel, the user will find a button to activate the infinite function. For me this is the best mouse function. Basically, once the unlimited function is activated, you can scroll to the content in your mind. It eliminates all the resistance of the wheels and rotates freely, which is very useful for browsing long PDF files or websites. Reactivate resistance and you can easily switch between weapons precisely. very effective.

In terms of build quality, Logitech provides us with another extremely sophisticated gaming peripheral. It feels like it's built to stand the test of time, and something else.

Obviously, as we mentioned before, this mouse feels very heavy when used, and I think this is part of the reason why it feels so good. Regardless of the weight, you can tell that this will not break anytime soon. All buttons feel good, feel good to the touch and there is almost no "sponge feel" - this is a feature of many mice today.

To be honest, there will be a lot of rattling noises when shaking the G502 HERO very aggressively. I can't really determine the source of the rattle, but when all the buttons and jog wheels are held down, the noise still occurs. Also, there is a rock solid mouse.

As far as cables are concerned, the same time and thought seem to have gone into this aspect. It is made of braided cables and it feels great. At 1.9 meters in length, it offers almost no abrasion resistance or resistance. As I mentioned in the previous article, I am not a big fan of braided cables for many different reasons. However, in most cases, this feels pretty good.

Then, we come to the most important part of any gaming mouse evaluation, the sensor and performance part. This is where we tested the Logitech G502 HERO to see how it can compete with some market leaders in gaming. So, let us stop wasting time and enter directly.

First, let's take a look at the sensors Logitech is equipped with in this mouse.

Logitech installed the successful HERO optical sensor in the center of this mouse for good reason. It's arguably one of the best gaming sensors available today, bringing precision and quick response to the desktop. Like most other mice now, it provides 16,000 DPI, although we don't know who it is for. I don't know why I want to use it. In any case, you have it, along with the 1000Hz polarization and adjustable LOD in the software package.

I started to play CS: GO, as usual, sure enough, I was not happy at all. From MX518 Legendary to ROCCAT to G502 HERO, it is an absolute nightmare to say the least. Nevertheless, I feel that G502 HERO is too heavy for fast-paced FPS shooting games-yes, even with reduced weight. For games like CS: GO and Call of Duty, you need something lighter and more flexible. I won’t use these two words to describe this special gaming mouse. That being said, since there are so many buttons available on this mouse, it is helpful to visit them for useful in-game links. As expected, the sensor is flawless in terms of accuracy, response and tracking. It also provides a speed of 400 inches per second and a maximum acceleration of up to 40G, which is certainly useful if you are an aggressive card reader. Speaking of which, I did not encounter any twists and turns during the test. However, with the exception of the

first-person shooter game, this mouse seems very comfortable. We played a ton of MMO games and the 11 programmable buttons really worked. Having so many linkable buttons to use will definitely give you an edge over your competitors in certain game titles and scenarios.

Also, unlike other stacked button mice, they are out of date and this mouse has not lost its ergonomic design. Many times manufacturers will have to remodel the mouse to accommodate such a number of buttons, yet the G502 HERO still feels great.

stays on the button for a bit, I must reiterate how they feel when they play the game. They all have a very good conductor and don't require a lot of pressure to use. The position of the side buttons is also very good; however, I found out that I accidentally clicked some buttons in FPS games. However, they also add a nice touch and are almost not fluffy.

It's annoying, I ran into some issues with the controller used by Logitech on the G502 HERO. I don't think it provides enough grip in fierce battle scenes. In addition, if your hands sweat, the situation will get worse.

Overall, from a performance point of view, the Logitech G502 HERO is

The most complete software suite of the group. It enables users to fully customize their peripherals to achieve their full potential. In the case of Logitech G502 HERO, users will be able to remap all buttons and create personal profiles that can be saved to the mouse and used on the go. In addition, they have full control over two RGB lighting areas, and can choose from multiple presets and 6.8 million colors.

Fortunately, unlike other peripheral software packages (unnamed) available today, Logitech G HUB is a well-performing software package that rarely encounters errors. So whether you want to change direction, remap a few buttons, or just connect Logitech peripherals, G HUB can meet your needs.

Finally, we come to the evaluation section to discuss our final thoughts on Logitech G502 and reveal whether it is worth your consideration.

Well, let's keep it short and sweet. If you like the original G502 and use it to play games, then you will love this update. It has exactly the same design, allowing you to customize the weight and its distribution, while providing more accurate sensors.

However, for those of you who haven't used G502 HERO before, they may not be as open to it. In most cases, it is a fairly large suite. It is currently in the upper reaches of the weight range and appears on the dining room table in a very marmite-like design - love it or hate it.

Although it has a good ability to track and respond to hand movements, for me it is still insufficient in some scenes.

Finally, if you want an everyday mouse that can stand the test of time, this may be exactly what you're looking for. Similarly, if you like bulky mice and you like to play MMO and some low-intensity FPS games, it may suit your needs too. However, for those who want to take their gaming to a new level in competitive esports gaming, this is certainly not the mouse that I will be recommending anytime soon.

CPI (counts per inch)



11 44 44 Weight

4.3 ounces (121 grams)

Cable length

6 feet (1.83 meters) Amazon

5 Refresh GRO

0 GRO GRO 4445 mouse This changed people's perception The way the Logitech mouse is designed. Although it has a good improvement over the previous version, it still has some shortcomings in some cases.

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum

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