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Logitech g pro wireless mouse review

The Logitech G203 is Logitech's top budget product in the gaming department, providing excellent performance for price-conscious gamers without spending a lot of money.



Mouse Size and Weight

Technical Mouse

Note: This review is part of our Best Budget Gaming Mice series. To learn more about competitor products and how we test them, click here.

When it comes to packaging and extra features, don't expect too much from a $ 30 gaming mouse. The Logitech G203 uses a sleek and simple packaging box, which highlights its unique design. Box

contains the G203 mouse, quick start guide, user manual, etc.

I see a lot of complaints that the G203 and the mouse use the same case shape, and most of them rotate sideways. However, before we begin, let's take a quick look at the shell. The height is 38mm, the maximum width is 62mm, and the length is 116mm. This makes for a small mouse, much smaller than the Talentech Ember we reviewed earlier. It is also a (technically) smart mouse, which means that the left and right sides are the same, and the mouse is mirrored left and right. I said it is technically dexterous, because there are only 2 side buttons on the left side, which makes this mouse more suitable for right-handed users.

As mentioned above, the mouse is very small and usually fits smaller hands. However, if you are a gamer who needs XXL gloves, this mouse is still great. My hands are large, usually too large for this mouse, but my semi-aggressive claw grip feels very comfortable. Fingertip users will also like this mouse because its size is very suitable for their grip, but palm users must have very small hands to use this mouse properly.

As mentioned above, the mouse has caused quite a lot of controversy about its side shape on Reddit. The mouse it is based on, G100/100s, has a straight side and a slight slope toward the bottom, as shown below: ___/. On the other hand, the shape of G203 is more rounded and closer to: (__). Some former G100 users have complained about this, so if you are using this mouse, please keep this in mind. Personally, I don't have any problems with sides or grip, but your mileage may vary. The

G203 has an 85 g penlight, which is 15 g lighter than Talentech Ember and is one of the lightest mice on the market. This makes games with lower sensitivity easier, because lower weight will reduce fatigue during long games. The

button is another minor issue with G203. They are very tactile and very light. Very light, I mean occasionally, if I push the mouse too hard, the right or left click will turn off. This is weird and definitely easy to fix, but it definitely needs to be kept in mind. Besides, they are very sharp and tactile, which makes them very pleasant to use. The scroll wheel is Logitech's standard configuration, which means it has a certain tactile feel while remaining quiet and smooth. The center click is similar, much lighter than most, but it is not easy to misuse. In terms of clicks, the side buttons are probably the worst mouse button. They have almost no pre-stroke and are well positioned, but they are loud and make a slight annoying pop when activated. The DPI button is in the middle, far enough away that it is not easy to accidentally click on it. The

cable is good, but not newsworthy. It is agile, but it is still obvious during long, fast gliding. It is much better than the cable of its big brother G Pro, so it works to my advantage.

Since it has been mentioned, we must compare G Pro and G203. The two mice are functionally identical, but there are 3 main differences. G Pro has 3360 and thick braided cables, priced at $45. So the sensor department has a very slight and almost inconspicuous update, the cable has become significantly harder, and worse, the mouse has a 50% profit margin. Therefore, it is not surprising that many professionals choose the G203 over the G Pro. The Mercury sensor on the

G203 is not visible on any other mouse. As far as I know, it was designed in-house by Logitech and is a cheaper alternative to other inexpensive sensors. Ironically, based on pure statistics, Mercury sensors are not economical at all. In fact, his top stats are only slightly lower than the top 3360, and his game feels the same. Personally, there is no difference between PMW3360 and Mercury. Considering the popularity of G203 with both casual and professional gamers, many others just can't seem to do it.

The software I use is Logitech Gaming Software, but Logitech G Hub can also be used on G203. It is a clean and intuitive software and does not require as much processing power as some software. Most importantly, G203 has built-in memory, which means you can install software, configure custom lights and links, and then uninstall, and the mouse will continue to function normally. Speaking of lights, there is a luminous logo on the back of the G203, and there is a circle of light in the outline of the case on the back. It has a total of 16.8 million color options, as well as breath options and color cycles. If the lights bother you, you can also turn them off. To be honest, the performance of the

mouse is amazing to me. The combination of weight, shape, and sensor creates a sleek, efficient, and beautiful mouse that fits most hand sizes and

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