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Logitech g pro wired mouse review

Logitech G Pro is definitely the beast of gaming mice. Not only does it outperform its wireless competitors, it outperforms many wired alternatives as well. Equipped with a Hero optical sensor and weighing only 80 grams, the Logitech G Pro is one of our top recommendations for gamers in 2021. A rugged product from Logitech,

G Pro Wireless is the ultimate gaming mouse designed for the competition. It combines its latest HERO (High Efficiency Optical) sensor and Lightspeed wireless technology in a sleek and simple design with just a trace of RGB lighting. The

wireless mouse now supports features and battery life, so the fact that Logitech is removing this mouse is great. Its simple, smooth finish and dexterous quality complement each other, making it a great wireless mouse for everyone. It is very expensive, but compatible with the Logitech Powerplay mouse pad, which will allow your G Pro to never run out of battery. G Pro uses Logitech's innovative Lightspeed wireless technology to improve mouse latency, connectivity and power. Since the mouse gets a report rate of 1 millisecond, the G Pro is as responsive as a wired mouse.

At first, I was a bit skeptical about the Logitech G Pro. Whenever a gaming mouse or any product has a huge positive impact on the entire network, I would be very hesitant to join this trend. So when the mouse came to my door, I already knew it had to be brighter to enter my good book, and it did. Logitech G Pro looks stylish, performance exceeds expectations, but it is expensive.



Mouse Statistics

Hand Size Guide

If you have bought Logitech mice in the past, you will notice that they usually come in nofuss packaging. With high-end G Pro, you can get more fashionable and fashionable things. The

standard includes:

weight and size are undoubtedly important for high-end mice. Logitech G Pro has done a great job of reducing weight as much as possible. They removed some features and made a 1mm thick shell, which is very light but strong. They achieved this structural strength through an innovative ladder chassis under the deck. The total weight is about 80 grams. For a wired mouse, whether it is wireless, it is light! The G Pro is considered a medium-sized mouse, it is a bit too small for me, measuring 12.5 x 6.35 x 4.0 cm. Having said that, I can still use the palm or claw grip comfortably and effectively when playing games with this mouse.

More serious gamers using this mouse find its weight and symmetrical shape to be ergonomically designed and suitable for long-term gaming. My hand is very large (19 x 11 cm) and the G703 is the Logitech mouse that best fits my palm. Despite its large size, this mouse is very easy to use and its ergonomic design is superior to other smart mice on the market.

Logitech g Pro is a full plastic case that feels like the similar material used in G603. The whole process went smoothly and the price was very reasonable, I don't know why.

I think a texture with a bit of side grip like the G703 would be a nice addition because it is smaller than most medium sized mice. The simple design is very elegant, but the smart appearance is not as satisfying as the G903. G Pro has been simplified and you can understand why some people call it "Logitech FK". It is quite narrow and low profile, and can move on the carpet with almost no force.

Logitech G Pro has a few extra buttons in addition to the left and right buttons. It has removable left and right "thumb" buttons that can be customized to make the mouse truly right-handed. If desired, Logitech also provides you with a magnetic cover to replace the buttons.

There is a scroll wheel button on the front and center of the mouse, which is normal. Unlike the G900 and G903, this provides tactile feedback. Finally, the mouse has a DPI button at the bottom of the mouse, rather than behind the scroll wheel like everyone else.

Logitech worked with many e-sports professionals when considering the layout, and moving this DPI button to the bottom is the first choice of many people. This is a welcome change because it completely avoids any accidental clicks/random DPI changes.

As gamers, we have been looking for higher performance of peripherals. It seems that Logitech took this into consideration when building G Pro. With the arrival of next-generation sensors such as HERO 16k, you can be more confident in moving fast. The sensor seamlessly tracks at speeds exceeding 400 IPS without rotating. The sensor claims its power is 10 times less than previous sensors like PMW3366, helping to extend battery life.

In addition to the latency and battery issues we're trying to avoid, the responsiveness of the mouse can make the difference between constantly standing out and losing those goals in a duel / team fight. Although wired mice have long been favored for their shorter response time, Logitech has used it as a redundancy factor through its Lightspeed wireless technology. Logitech has a reporting rate of 1000 Hz or 1 ms, and no one will notice the difference in response between a wired mouse and this mouse. The

mouse has the smallest LOD on the bottom (1mm), a 4-foot circumference, and a surround sound sensor. It doesn’t matter if I use it on a textured or smooth mat, how fast this mouse passes through the mat

The button at the bottom. The default options are not for everyone and the DPI can be easily customized in the Logitech software, where you can change the value from 100 to 16000.

Logitech G Pro uses a rechargeable lithium ion polymer (LiPo) battery, which is lightweight and lasts up to 48 hours in default lighting. However, gamers can choose to turn off the RGB lighting to extend it to more than 60 hours. The mouse contains onboard memory, which means you can store your profile separately on the mouse, reducing the transition from home to sand. The

G Pro comes with a USB charging cable, so you can charge while you play. There is also a dongle receiver in the compartment at the bottom of the mouse, which can be plugged directly into your machine or desktop USB extender if desired. Now if you hate cables, don't worry because the G Pro is compatible with Logitech's Powerplay wireless charging mat. After plugging in, the charging time may take about 30 minutes, but it can basically provide endless power. It's worth noting that the mouse will stop charging automatically, so you can plug it in when you're away from your computer or gaming. You can also monitor the progress through the software.

Logitech G Hub is your new and improved software, but you can still use Logitech gaming software if you want. It has some great customization features that allow you to create macros or just tweak the RGB lighting.

Other Software Features:

Logitech G Pro Wireless is indeed supreme technology. You will get a well thought out design that is arguably one of the best sensors. It has an elite gaming mouse that can undoubtedly satisfy the needs of the public. G Pro has the longest battery life of a "rechargeable" wireless mouse on the market, and when you combine that with its lightness and high-end performance, you get some considerable performance! This mouse is expensive now, but it's highly recommended for some reason, and its insane wireless capabilities must be considered.




HERO (optical)


80 grams


Medium (125 x 63 x 40 mm)

Battery life

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Logitech G Pro

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