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Logitech g pro wired hero mouse review

A lightweight, championship gaming mouse at an affordable price. The

Logitech G100 is an alternative to the highly anticipated G Pro Wired form. Logitech continues to work to expand its arsenal of gaming peripherals, and with it comes another high-powered detachable gaming mouse. The G Pro is equipped with a PMW3366 optical sensor with true 12,000 dpi and a switch developed by Omron, with an impressive lifespan of 50 million clicks. Logitech has always stuck with the classic gaming model of its G Pro shape, and its slim 83 grams is well suited to my grip. The Pro has 6 cleverly placed buttons to enhance the usability of in-game links, 1 RGB lighting area, and a number of customizable profiles, which can be adjusted using Logitech's excellent "G Hub" product software. The

Logitech G Pro became the focus of Gaming Vedict today to see if it can stand up to the competition. With the arrival of products like the Razer Mamba Elite, we dived into the world of Logitech to see what they offer in terms of championship gaming mice. The G Pro is lightweight and well structured, has a truly outstanding ergonomic design, and is sold off the shelf at a very affordable price. To me this sounds too good to be true, and I think there is only one way to find the answer.



Mouse Size and Weight

Technical Mouse

Logitech G Pro comes in a plain box with a black and blue appearance. Inside you will find a plastic box, use a thin reinforced cardboard to reinforce your mouse. If you've never owned a Logitech mouse before, you might be impressed by the way Logitech decided to package the cable. Unlike most other mouse brands that tie the cable tightly behind the mouse, the G Pro cable wraps around the inner plastic to prevent tangles and kinks. This includes user manuals, warranty cards, and user support information. Generally pretty standard.

Let's talk size first. At GV, we think anything below 12cm is a slight drop, while the G Pro's 11.66cm falls into this category, which happens to be the shortest mouse I've tested so far. Weighing in at just 83 grams, it can still be considered lightweight in today's market. However, as lightweight mice become more and more popular, you won't be surprised to learn that I really like the weight of this mouse. The G Pro has a width of just over 6cm and a ratio of about 21, which is considered the ideal choice for most types of hands. Logitech classifies it as a two-handed dexterous mouse, but there are only extra thumb buttons on the left side of the mouse, which means that if you are a left-handed using thumb buttons, you are out of luck here. However, I found the overall size and shape to be very good, which comes from an avid Deathadder user. Usually, when you switch from a larger mouse, it feels clumsy and a bit clumsy, but the transmission is not complicated when using G Pro, and now I prefer a lighter design. crazy. The body and shell of the

G Pro are made of high-quality plastic. They decided to keep the natural plastic finish, which makes it feel good in the hand, but it may cause problems if you sweat. The sides of the Pro have been finished with a subtle roughness, which definitely promotes grip. The top of the case is similarly finished, but not as obvious, allowing users to subtly change the position of their hands without too much grip. G Pro is well suited for claw grip and fingertip users, but feels a bit small for those using palm grip. I myself use a hybrid grip. I place half of my palm on the mouse and drag my ring finger and little finger to the right. The G Pro is very comfortable for me. The main hump position fits my hand very well (18.5cm-11cm), creating a feeling of total control without the extra grip that other mice are trying to provide. Overall, Logitech did not make too many changes to the design, but adjusted it enough to make it feel fresh.

Logitech G Pro is equipped with a total of 6 buttons, including 2 additional thumb buttons, which are very suitable for command binding in games such as CSGO. The 2 main buttons are separated from the main mouse shell and have a relatively high drive pressure, which is great because it greatly reduces accidental clicks. Both M1 and M2 have slight dents to promote a firmer grip, and gently tilt downward to accommodate more hand shapes and gripping styles. I really like the feel Logitech gives this mouse wheel. Every step can be clearly felt, but they are loose enough for fast scrolling easily. Similar to the G100, the DPI button on the G Pro is a cycle switch. It will gradually rise until the maximum DPI is reached. Once reached, it will restart the cycle from the lowest DPI setting. This makes dynamic sensitivity changes more difficult, which is not ideal and practically impractical. The location and design of the 2 side buttons are very easy to use, and anyone interested in command binding will be very satisfied with the way Logitech is done here. The

cable is designed with durability in mind and is made of thick braided fibers. It's much thicker than anything on the market today, and it feels really alike. We tried to use G Pro without the help of bungee jumping and it was obvious that it would work.

The edge of the carpet and table. However, when used with bungee jumping, cables are no longer a problem. Or, if you are a Logitech supporter and money is not an option, I strongly recommend that you check out the new Logitech G Pro Wireless, which for me is one of the best gaming mice on the market. It’s worth noting that the G Pro’s cable is very thick and it’s almost impossible to hold the Razer bungee firmly, so please do some research when looking for a pair. I suggest you check our Bungee page to see which one is perfect for this mouse.

I've been testing the Logitech G Pro for a while now and have been impressed by its ultra-ergonomic design and light, lively feel when playing FPS games so far. The biggest advantage for me is the sensor, which is still considered one of the best optical sensors today. Super response and absolute zero smoothness deliver a feeling of total precision, which is sure to boost your gaming confidence. Spin-off has always been a problem for me, but this sensor seems to have solved the problem. I have been using this mouse extensively in the past week, but have yet to experience it. When playing CSGO, I noticed that my cinematic lens is definitely more accurate in AWP, and you might appreciate the lightweight design for this. Sometimes, with a thicker mouse, your reaction time will lag slightly due to the increase in weight, especially after a long game, but the lightweight design of G Pro will not put too much pressure on your arm, which means Your reaction and resistance will not. pretentious. The

side button works normally, but due to the light trigger sensitivity, I did encounter a few accidental clicks. This is not a big problem. I adapted to the position and sensitivity relatively quickly. I subconsciously compared the G Pro with my favorite Razer Abyssus because it is almost the same size and very similar in price. My conclusion is that the G Pro design feels better in my hands, especially for a long time. When I use 2 mice, my overall gameplay is very similar, but with the addition of 2 thumb buttons, my game feels fuller when I use G Pro. Overall, I am very satisfied with the performance of the G Pro, and it is really hard to find real negative areas.

Logitech G Pro uses the popular G Hub product software, which needs to optimize efficiency, but does not require the use of a mouse and certain functions. I really like the Logitech G Hub, because it's basically an improved standalone customization tool and a portal to Logitech peripherals. It works very well. This is something that I cannot say to other brands on the market. Overall, G Hub is a streamlined and intuitive version of LGS, with many of the same features. Create and change configuration files, link macros and commands to the preferences you want, use the 16.8 million different RGB area possibilities of G Pro, and more. All of this makes it a very easy to use application. However, it is worth noting that all content designed by LGS after December 2018 will be obsolete.

In addition, all drivers and updates can be done through LGS or G Hub, which is useful if you have any preferences. If you are not familiar with Logitech products, I strongly recommend that you visit our LGS & G Center page.

What we have here is Logitech's answer to an excellent all-round gaming mouse that can satisfy almost all users. G Pro has several outstanding features worth mentioning. First of all, we must admit that Logitech uses the excellent sensor here, PMW3366. It is still considered one of the best sensors, and it is undoubtedly a huge attraction for many consumers. In addition, its lightweight and ergonomic design gives it a dreamlike feel and creates a feeling of complete control, which every FPS game player dreams of. If you are looking for a gaming mouse with the best specifications and an affordable price, this mouse is enough to meet all the requirements.

A lightweight, championship gaming mouse at an affordable price.

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